DIY: rope light strand

While at the hardware store earlier this week, getting distracted with these elbow pieces, I also managed to pick up some manila rope. For some reason as soon as I saw it I thought it would work well with a Christmas light strand. The braid is easy to pull apart so I bought enough to cover the length of a long Christmas light string.

Here's what you'll need:
thick manila rope (as long as the strand you want to cover)
string of lights (preferably white)

Begin with the female end of the light strand, weave it in with the rope by twisting the rope in the opposite direction of the braid. Continue to do this for the length of the rope until almost the entire string of lights has been twisted into the rope.

You can wrap it up in a circle like I did and hang it on yesterday's DIY hook or set it on a bookshelf or even the floor. I'm sure you could even use different kinds/colors of rope but I prefer this natural fiber myself. I love this because it can definitely be used as Christmas decor or just used year round!


DIY: minimal wall hook

I recently bought this beautiful brass Himmeli from my good friend Melissa at AMRadio and wanted to come up with the perfect hanger for it. As it so happened I loved the one she used in her photo so I found a way to make something similar.

You'll need:
a wooden dowel
double sided screw
& some flat (I used Satin since it's what I had on hand) black spray paint.

Cut the dowel to the length you want, making sure it's long enough to hang your object away from the wall without touching.
Then you'll screw one end of the screws into the dowel, you might need to drill a starter hole first.
Once the screw is halfway through, paint it. After it's dry you can insert the hook/hanger into the wall and you're done!

DIY: hardware store necklace

hardware store necklace DIY
The other day I was at the hardware store looking for materials for an upcoming project when I found these brass elbows pieces. I felt like this could make a great pendant and wanted to share it with my readers.
It's super simple, you just purchase the elbow connector along with some thin leather, string it through and you have a simple and modern necklace.
I'm sure you could even spray paint the metal part or add some beads to the side if you like but I like mine plain and simple.


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enamored with

Some really beautiful images I found this weekend were from this great blog,
 Honey Pie Living Etc. If you're not already following, I recommend you do.

Happy Monday everyone!


Anna Larsson

Anna sent me a sweet email about her wonderful prints and it took me a few weeks to post this but I'm happy to share the great work she's done with you! She also sells tea towels. Please check out more of Anna's beautiful creations here.

our weekend plans

I mentioned before that we are installing new floors. Many of you know we are renters which has included putting up with features of this house we would have never chosen for ourselves. Thankfully we were able to work something out with our landlord after 3 years of living here and finally we will have some floors we actually like.
For my Instagram followers you know we put floors in the office/studio weeks ago and this weekend we finish the living & dining rooms.
Needless to say the house has been turned upside down so I'm pretty sure it will take the rest of this weekend to finish & put everything back.
I will be sure to post photos soon. Until then, here is a bit of our office that's finished.


inspired by


...the smoky, cool photos from this blog post.

dip dye

by Deborah

The ombre trend has been going strong for some time now and it never seems to disappear, and right now it's my favourite thing. Dip dying is something that can be easily created at home, so if you have something old lying around, it can easily be transformed with some paint or dye. Next week I will have a little something that I have put together myself to show how changeable and simple the effect can work. For just now I will leave you with some inspiring images that are tasteful and not from a Grateful Dead concert.

1. Folklore Pulp Pendant 2.Ercol wooden love seat 3. Dip dye silk pillow 4. Hay file folder 5.Rucsack 6. Philip Lim Shirt



AMM single rose gold necklace | Peter Jensen Jumper | Shakuhachi cap | COS leather trim trousers | JC lucite heels

hand drawn ink graphic created by Jeremiah Hagler for AMM blog


some randoms

Sometimes my life gets so incredibly busy and chaotic, I feel like I could collapse. Between running the shop by myself, keeping up with blog posts (even as infrequent as they are at times) and being a mommy, taking care of my own home and just trying to get some sleep...coming up with blog articles or taking photos can feel daunting.
So I'm just uploading a few I took a while ago, that have no real meaning other than that I thought I'd post them. From our living room and dining table, the hydrangea came from my mom's yard.

Hope everyone is having a nice week!


birthday apple pie recipe

Yesterday was my husband's birthday and every year he asks his mom to make her apple pie. I completely understand why since it is probably the best apple pie I've ever had. In honor of Jeremiah's birthday I wanted to share with you her recipe, and she was gracious enough to give it!

Slice 8 golden Delicious apples very thin and
mix in large bowl with:
1/2 cup of sugar
3 Tbsp.flour
1/2 tsp.cinnamon
1 Tbsp. lemon juice

Set aside and make pie shell.

Pie Crust
2 cups flour
1 stick butter
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 egg yoke
1/2 cup of water
Put in food processor for less that 1 min. Roll out pie crust to make a thin crust,
place in pie pan.

Scoop apple mixture into pie shell.

1 cup flour
1 stick of butter- cut into small pieces
1/2 cup of brown sugar
1/2 cup of sugar
1 tsp. cinnamon
Mix all of these in a bowl together.
Carefully scoop the mixture with measuring cup and place over apple pie and even out
the flour and pieces of butter over the pie. Gently press down on the top of the pie.

Bake at 375° F for 1 hour - with a baking sheet under the pie to catch the drippings.


a bit of yellow

I've never been a huge fan of yellow but in small bits I think it's a great way to bring some of those autumnal colors inside. These tiny flowers are my favorite too, like little wildflowers.


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some new things and EmeraldSon

Over the weekend I went through and cleaned my house, top to bottom. The week's chaos can really create havoc in the house quickly and when I have the time (and energy) I try to get everything clean and reorganized before another week starts.
My new marbled board from RK Design is now on my shelf as well as a new print from my husband's shop!
I'm so excited that he has agreed to start selling his prints again. I had to really twist his arm and convince him over the course of several months that he should sell his work. He went to school to be an illustrator so he's always drawing or painting and contributing his work to my blog even. He's got a few more to add to his shop but for now the motorcycle print is available here. This isn't some Photoshop trick folks, it's the real deal. He painted the bike in ink before making prints so essentially it's handmade.

Also, the next time you see this room the floors will look very different...more on that soon!

white, wood and marble

Three colors & textures I'm very fond of, more here.


DIY mood board

by Deborah

Recently Jennifer posted this piece of plywood art from Scandinavian Deko, and I have seen plywood being used in a couple of different ways and love the rawness of the material and how simple it can work within an interior. After seeing this on Trendenser I thought it would a great way to use the piece of plywood that I have sitting about to decorate, and make a collage of images with cut outs, a clever way of creating a mood board! Of course with two small boys around, this was only placed to take photographs and has now been put out of reach of exploring hands!


white, brown and green

I'm totally inspired by the colors and tones in this apartment. The bright whites look great with theses timeless wood colors and the green plants make it feel fresh at the same time. I good note to end the week on!


new Kauniste

New Saaret print (meaning Islands) from Finnish textile brand, Kauniste designed by Hanna Konola and Sunnuntai (meaning Sunday) by Matti Pikkujämsä are printed onto heavy weight canvas. I am such a fan of this brand and am crushing on these new patterns!


can't stop looking at...


Yvonne Kone's blog. I sort of want to live in these images, they're so gorgeous and warm, how could you not love these?!

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