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bright spots of color


I was recently looking at some work by Pernille Kaalund for Bolig (love this place so much!) and found that I love this collection of interiors also shot by Pernille. To me it all looks very Danish, I love the bright and bold colors.

getting ready

by Deborah

Now that the dark nights and the seasons are changing, I keep finding myself looking at candles, lighting and extra textiles for my home. It can get so cold here in Scotland. When the seasons change I always feel I want to change the mood of my home and if I had some spare money lying around then I would certainly be picking these items up so that I can snuggle in style. It would certainly make those dark nights more bearable.

1.I have been lusting over this blanket from Mae Engelgeer for months, the strong graphic design on the textile would look great draped over any couch with the added bonus of keeping you warm.

2. I love prints and my wall space is slowly disappearing but Mini & Maximus have a great selection of strong monochrome prints, my particular favourite would be feather crown such a beautiful feminine print to gaze at.

3. This has forever been on my wishlist and most likely will forever stay on it, but I dream of one day owning the Bau Pendant lamp from Normann Copenhagen The shape and function of the light would have me staring at it for hours.

4. Maybe a little creepy for some but I love these Little Joseph candle stick holders by Maxim Velcovsky and think they would look great teamed with these geometric wooden candlesticks. There is always an over use of candles lit in the winter in our home. That reminds me I need to stock up!

5. Ever since I saw Jennifer's chain tape I have loved the design of it and would love this cushion to sit on my couch, plus I have a cushion obsession! I have so many but it's a great way to instantly transform a room.

6. Wouldn't this Muuto coffee table look great mixed in a monochrome interior? The natural materials gives a real Scandinavian look. My only concern would be my son would love to use the table as a train track, so it's probably best to get this when the boys are a little older.

7. To complete the room, I would love to own one of the Ferm Living wire basket the new collection is great from autumn/winter but I can really see this sitting in my living room filled with all the extra textiles.

I will always have a running wish list. How about you, do you dream of some new things in your home for the change in weather?



I took a break from work today to read some books and build lego bridges. Moments like these I just want to stand still, listening to the sweet voice of my son laughing and pretending.

poster, from Mini & Maximus
scallop garland, I made
books from Amazon

two new wallpapers to crave


Ferm's new Fall line recently became available and these two wallpaper patterns have got to be my favorite of the newness. I love the marble and concrete prints and can't wait to see them up close (I ordered samples). I can't wait to start seeing them styled in magazine spreads and in interiors shots as I'm sure they'll be popular prints to have...or at least that's my prediction.


1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

new earrings!


I've slowly been adding in pieces from my Fall line, including several new colors in my small, geo post earrings. Here are a few currently new in the shop!

washi tape DIY

washi tape tea light DIY
I found this DIY from Trendenser magazine and wanted to give it a try with some copper tape I had at home.
It's quite simple, you just carefully wrap the edge of the tea light with the tape, making sure there isn't paper sticking up above the edge that might catch fire.
Making several of these and grouping them together would look nice, for now though my little one is sitting under a bell jar. (not lit of course)

Grandma's house


Last weekend we visited my mom's family and all had lunch at my Grandmother's house. She makes the best food (of anyone I know) and has such a green thumb. We had mountain enchiladas, which I think is a pretty typical Guatemalan food, and played in the yard in front of the garage doors.
Israel had fun terrorizing my cousins with the hose, Jeremiah working as his accomplice.
It makes me happy to see Israel have fun here, I have so many memories at this house as a child, and all of which are very good!

it's sunny in here


I picked up some local flowers at the Farmer's Market this weekend. I normally don't gravitate towards yellow but I find myself staring at these multiple times a day!

my most inspirational home


by Deborah

I really have a list of inspirational homes but I remember when I first saw the home of Emma Persson Lagerberg way back in 2009 in a Elle decoration magazine, I instantly fell in love. It was my first introduction to white floors and my love for an all white colour scheme allowing all the quirky cool finds, Ikea pieces and design classics to jump out, creating a real electric mix of wonderfulness.

This would normally be too cluttered for me and my space at home but I find this space incredible inspirational and I have an urgent feeling of wanting to live there! The interior is styled effortlessly and has a great sense of character, drawing me straight in. There is so much for the eye to see yet the space feels somewhat calm and you really get a sense that a family enjoys staying here.

I hope you like this home as much as I do. On a plus, the drummer of The Cardigans lives here and Im a big fan!

imogene + willie


I wanted to share with you a fun new brand based out of Nashville, Tennessee who is announcing their Autumn 2012 collection tomorrow. Owners Matt and Carrie Eddmenson are passionate about creating quality products here in the US.
Take a peek at the creation of their Autumn collection right here as well!

Henrik Bonnevier

Newer work from Lotta Agaton. So greyish and so beautiful.





This is the view I wake up to every morning. Well, once I've sat up anyways. Typically Israel crawls into bed with me early in the morning, so he is what I really see first thing. Speaking of him, I think that is his reflection in the Warhol poster, kind of weird huh?
Anyways, it's time to do some rearranging. I spend so much time at home, I get tired of looking at the same things all the time.


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hand drawn ink graphic created by Jeremiah Hagler for AMM blog

nionio design

I've been following Nia on Instagram for a bit and was excited she was going to start selling these great boards featured in many of her snaps. The day she opened her store I bought a board quickly! Of course since I'm in the US it will take a bit to reach me, but I am excited to use it nonetheless.
If you have a moment please check out her shop, she has several great patterns!

simple inspiration

Hope everyone is enjoying their Wednesday! I almost said Tuesday just then, the days are jumbling up together. My head has been in a work cloud so thank goodness for icalendar!

Anyways, this place is so basic but just lovely too.

polka dotted denim DIY


I'm excited to feature this great DIY sent in by my good friend Summer who is the mind behind several great businesses including House&Hold and Fawn&Forest.
Below she shares step by step instructions for how you can do this too! So cute.

jeans or cut offs
light grey acrylic paint
a ruler
a wood skewer (for smaller dots, pencil eraser for larger dots)

1. Lay the cut-offs on a flat surface, focusing on 1 side and 1 leg at a time. You will be painting in sections, letting the paint dry as you go.
2. Decide on the width between the dots. I roughly went 1" between each dot and staggered the dots so each alternating row's dots are in between the previous row's dots.
3. Starting at the bottom of the jeans, follow along with the ruler to create a nice, even row of dots 1 inch apart.
4. Dip the end of the skewer in paint, varying every 2nd or 3rd dot so the dots have a variety of opacity.
5. Once you have a consistent, evenly spaced set of base rows you may need to free hand it a bit as you go into the inner and out leg sections and over pockets to follow the cut of the jeans. Jeans are not totally flat, so you have to roll with it.
6. If you mess up and put a dot where it doesn't belong, simply wipe it away with a wet cloth, quickly.
7. Proceed to hand dot your jeans until you reach the top band. I did not dot the top band, but you certainly could.

Light grey paint is a good choice -- off white will look dirty and white-white will look too "new".
Hand dotting is not intended perfect but adds an interesting element to the garment.

AMM Jewelry Fall Collection preview


Just a quick peek at the lookbook I'm working on for my new Fall collection, launching soon!

Photo credit courtesy of Julia & Yuriy Manchik

welcome our new contributor!


It's my pleasure to share that Deborah will be a regular contributor here on AMM! We've been working on this for months now so I'm excited to share with you her introductory post, one of many more to come.
Below she shares a bit about herself and her lovely bedroom.

Hi, I'm Deborah and you might know me from my Instagram and very soon a new blog! I feel honoured that Jennifer has asked me to guest post on AMM. This is very exciting for me as I have followed Jennifer for a long time and have nothing but admiration for her! We have became instant friends! I must say though who wouldn't? She has great taste and a eye for beautiful interiors, all around she is a very talented lady. As our friendship has grown we have quickly realized we have a lot in common which is quite funny when we live so far apart (one day Jen we will finally meet up for that coffee)...

Ok, so I stay in a beautiful tenement flat with my husband and my two boys Oliver who is four & Sebastian is 9 months, in the city of Glasgow. It's a small flat but with large rooms and large windows, it feels spacious and open especially with the newly painted white floors. We enjoy family life here but do miss having a garden but we are lucky enough to have a grassy park right across the road. I have a real love for Scandinavian Design and its aesthetics. It has taught me to declutter my home and keep a neutral colour palette throughout, meaning a happier relaxed home for my family! It has been a slow process but I'm getting there. It is not always easy with two boisterous young boys!

In the next couple of weeks you will be seeing a little more of me on AMM, where I will enjoy sharing my passions and getting to know you all a little better, until then hope you are all having a great day!

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