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Linda Bergroth


Linda Bergroth
Linda Bergroth
I've always loved the look of these chairs/sofas, they look like Ligne Roset but I could be wrong. They must be so comfortable and with a view of the open kitchen and natural light, it's kind of the ideal place.

new series!

thrown together
A few pieces I thought looked nice together, a simple outfit with few accessories, the kind of outfit you can put on quickly and be on your way!

Top shop dress | AMM silver geo earrings | Zara bag | COS wedges

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I probably should have squeezed this into my last post but they're complimentary at least. This tiny little apartment in Stockholm has the softest light and I like the putty colored walls and golden floors. The swords above the bed would make me seriously nervous but it's a perfect, quiet little place.


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yes or no?

Normally all sorts of awkward things come up in my mind when I think of zebra prints in interiors. We've seen them done so wrong and they're usually associated with this gaudy, overdone sort of decorating with tassels and fabric wrapped picture frames, gold chandeliers...but after I recently spotted this in Ikea's blog I sort of had a different feelings. Maybe zebra print doesn't have to be so bad? Possibly with the right styling it can work?
I'll leave this open ended...what are your thoughts?



I love the subtle blue & greens in this home. I barely have any blues in my own home but they work perfectly here.


I am a big fan of Normann Copenhagen, I mean, how could you not be? We have their tablo coffee table as well as several other things around the house and they are all some of our favorite pieces of furniture, utensils and containers. I'm excited because they have a new block table coming out next month that I've been eying for months now. The tray parts and caster wheels come in mint, light grey & dark grey could you possibly choose?

see Suvi

I don't know that I can justly explain in a brief sentence just how inspiring & talented Suvi Viitanen is. I've only known of her blog for a short while but the entire thing is so awe inspiring and beautiful, it's like reading a carefully curated magazine except it comes form her real life.
If you're looking for some tasty recipes, you'll especially want to take a look! Her food posts are something special, and really makes me look differently at my sad go-to bowl of oatmeal and blueberries staple.

guest post: Bunny Chair


by Ana Degenaar


"Merve Kahraman, born in 1987, studied Interior Design at the Istituto Europeo di Design (Milan/Italy) before moving to London. She has worked in several architecture and design studios in Istanbul, New York and London. Here is her latest creation HYBRID collection, the two chairs were inspired by the mythologies of parahumans, she managed to merge a chair with a stag and a rabbit. HYBRID collection is entirely handmade and available in different leathers. More projects on her website."

This chair is every little girls dream. Every princess's throne and everything that a little Alice in Wonderland fan would want. Even though I'm not a fan of 19th Century Design I think this chair is a pleasant and interesting piece of art.

Home & Delicious


I found this new Icelandic magazine this morning that is definitely worth a look. Actually, you might want to get cozy with a cup of coffee and throw so you can really take in the beautiful photos, products and recipes. Each page features a beautiful new facet of home or food life.

If you get a chance to check it out, let me know what you think. I've already subscribed to their mailer, count me as an already faithful reader!

waiting game


This is an old photo, probably from last year some time but at least 6 months old. I'm still waiting on my camera to be fixed. It's been almost exactly a month since I dropped it off and even though I was told it would be 2 weeks at the longest, I'm still at the mercy of the repairman. I'm trying not to be upset but it's challenging trying to blog or miss out to capturing something Israel did without it. I've been using my iphone & Instagram like crazy but it's just not the same.

I'm curious though, when you're in situations like this, where you have to wait longer than expected or things don't happen like you plan, how do you deal with it?
I realize it's trivial in the grand scheme of things but I know many of you are also bloggers so you must run into situations like this too.

Anyways, I just hope it's soon. I'd love to share some things with you once I get it back!
Hope you all have a great week!

with love from Scotland


This post definitely requires an introduction as I am pleased to share with you some photos of an uber talented mama who has also become my fast friend as her & I have found (almost) innumerable things in common. Deborah & I met first through Pinterest & later became pen pals via Instagram (apieceofcake82) and she shares many views of her home which is quite breathtaking. I love seeing places like this that are real and lived in and am in such awe of the way Deborah knows how to make a beautiful and inviting place that is picturesque but also practical. I could go on and on about what a pleasure it has been to meet her, but I'll refrain.
Below are some photos of her sons' room, Oliver & Sebastian, she's kindly shared them here first for all of you!
Isn't it fantastic?! Deborah & I are kindred spirits because on multiple occasions we have discovered we have bought or own the same exact things without knowing. We have some personal things in common as well but I favor her place more than mine. The grass is greener...right?
Anyways, I'll just say this, you may be seeing more of Deborah around AMM in the coming weeks.

Thank you Deb!



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guest post: Mobile Hospitality


by Ana Degenaar

Mobile Hospitality
Mobile Hospitality
Mobile Hospitality
Mobile Hospitality
Mobile Hospitality

I recently posted about this outdoor kitchen by Studiomama on my blog. Later that week I found this wonderful Mobile Hospitality project via Design Boom.

"Vienna-based design and architecture studio chmara.rosinke has developed 'mobile hospitality', which was presented at DMY berlin 2012. the project manifests itself as a portable wheelbarrow kitchen, dining table and 10 folding stools, including functional aspects such as a pump for running water, pots for growing spices and a rudimentary stove. focusing on celebrating public space and the ritual of eating, the initiative extends to providing a free meal, with the only condition being to consume all three dishes with the creators to foster spontaneity and community. the entire piece folds down into two transportable carts."

This makes me daydream of Summer, time with friends and beautiful food.

Happy Monday!


I woke up this morning thinking it was Sunday, such a downer when I realized I was off by a day. Isn't that the worst?
The family is finally not sick any more, YIPPEE! I felt like this just dragged on forever. You don't realize how much you depend on being healthy until suddenly you're sick and the simplest chores become daunting.
My camera is still being worked one, it feels like it's been forever! It's kind of left me unmotivated to start any new projects and I've been compensating by 'Instagramming' like crazy! Ironically, now my iphone camera isn't working any more. What bad luck I have with cameras lately!

Isn't this home inspiring? I know it's given me a bit of motivation I need to get through this Monday. Hope you all have great and productive weeks!

my kind of place


I am quite partial to this place...the white floors, black grout kitchen, the black lights and mid century cabinet, it has all of my favorite elements. I can see myself having 2+ kids now if they each had rooms like these!

Heute Schmidt

heute schmidt
I wanted to introduce you to cool German company that you may or may not have already seen around the web. They produce these great patterned textiles including tea towels, pillows and even leather trimmed tote bags!
I recently spoke with Silke (part one of the duo Anja & Silke) who had this to say about their brand:

Heute – the german word for today – is spontaneous, intuitive and emotional. Today is always different, always individual and - today is shapeable.

Heute – schmidt, that´s Anja, communication designer and Silke, product designer. We´re based near Cologne, Germany and in our office for situational design we develop design concepts with and for everyday live."nu" – a collection of screenprinted fabrics, was our first project, designed and handmade by heute – schmidt. In addition "nu+" and "rond" cover accessries and jewelry.

We recently launched our website and shop: and shop.heuteschmidt.

green pattern


I'm in love with this pattern by Ilana Kohn...well that green too!

an explanation


I'm still here, I promise! I have been spotty the past week or so but there's reason for that. Ever since we came home from NY I have been sick, very sick. (also, my camera is still in the shop being repaired, please hurry repairman!) I'm not sure what it is but I'm pretty sure I picked up a virus from the subway and brought it home with me.
I spent almost an entire week in bed, watching episodes of Mad Men on my ipad and generally feeling exhausted, sore and unmotivated. Slowly it's spread to Jeremiah and now Israel has Tonsillitis. Seriously? I house full of sick people? Who's going to care care of who?

Well, with that out of the way I think it's pretty obvious why I've been a bit absent from the blog. I hate it but I just can't do it all. I think we're slowly getting better though, which is good because I have several projects in the works right now and I really can't be sick another day!

Hope everyone else is well though! Good thing I'm not contagious through the Internet huh?

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