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a perfect place


I don't use the word 'perfect' loosely, this place really is!

Found via Anna



For those of you who follow me on Instagram then you might remember the cookbook I received recently. Normally I just sort of put together whatever we have on hand but I was so inspired by these simple recipes that I used them every night for a week. Check it out, you might want to do the same!

NYC trip part I

I am sad to say I came back home with a broken camera. :(
While it's being repaired I was able to get a few images off the memory card. It's sporadic but here are a few snaps of our first morning in Brooklyn. We stayed in the Nu Hotel which was within walking distance of quite a few great places. We had breakfast at this French restaurant called Cafe Luluc which had amazing Eggs Benedict and an open store front where you can see the street and nearby stores.

Anyways, once I the camera gets fixed I can properly download the photos I took to share with you. Fingers crossed it's a quick fix!!

mother's room


likainen parketti
I'm not sure how many of you have been keeping up with Nena's renovation of her mom's house but she recently posted photos of her bedroom and it's really something. The concrete looking walls and neutral bedding makes this place look so warm and relaxing. As usual, nice job Nena!

two weeks later


We spent our Saturday morning at the market, a couple weeks ago. It was a pretty warm day so by the time we made it to the fountains, everyone was ready to cool off. Israel threw a big fit however and refused to go near them. We were persistent and it paid off. By the end of it he was completely drenched, was asking us to take his wet pants off and did not want to leave. Made a scene going in and a scene leaving. It's become our style now.

guest post: TALC

posted by Ana

I recently came across this gorgeous French shop called TALC. This is Thérèse Yang's dream and currently creates beautiful and elegant pieces for kids at affordable prices. Though I love TALC's view on fashion I must admit it was their lookbook and styling what caught my eye. The photos above are part of their Spring/Summer catalog. I love everything about it.

guest post: Peach & Rosemary Summer Fizz


It's Friday and I've saved a really special post from a sweet friend for last. Jennifer (nice name she has right?) is so kind, and beyind talented. Here amazing photography always makes me drool, especially when it involves food. You're all in luck too, she generously shares a beautiful and yummy recipe for the perfect Summer drink. I'm going to have to try this now! -Jennifer

guest post by Jennifer from I Art U
guest post by Jennifer by I Art U
guest post by Jennifer from I Art U

Hi! I'm Jennifer Young, lifestyle photographer and blogger at I ART U.
I'm honored to be here filling in for Jenn while she's away enjoying NYC!

Summer is officially here! It's a season filled with such beautiful fruit and I always look forward to baking pies, crisps, or concocting colorful drinks for dinner parties. This peach and rosemary summer fizz is so easy to make and it's perfect for a hot day when you're in need of something cold, sweet, and refreshing.


+ 5 peaches, pitted
+ 2 T lime juice
+ 1 can lemon-lime soda
+ rosemary simple syrup (recipe here)
+ rosemary sprigs for garnish
+ 2 cups ice


Blend four peaches with lime juice until puréed. Pour puréed peach nectar through a sieve into a bowl and refrigerate. Make rosemary simple syrup and refrigerate until cool. Fill glass with ice and one cup of peach nectar. Top with lemon-lime soda and a splash of rosemary simple syrup. Garnish with remaining peach slices and a rosemary sprig. Enjoy!

Serves 2.

guest post: Scandinavian Summer Homes


Are loving these amazing guest posts or what? So many great contributors and it only continues today with Anna, the author of a very inspiring interior blog. She always has the latest and the greatest and a frequent stop for me when I'm in need of some interior ideas. I love the Summer collection she's put together, enjoy! -Jennifer

guest post by Anna from La maison d'Anna G
guest post by Anna from La maison d'Anna G
guest post by Anna from La maison d'Anna G
guest post by Anna from La maison d'Anna G
guest post by Anna from La maison d'Anna G
guest post by Anna from La maison d'Anna G
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Hi, I'm Anna from La Maison d'Anna G, a blog about Scandinavian design and interiors. I'm Swedish by birth, Parisian since my early 20's, and also design enthusiast, blogger and soon-to-be webshop owner. The webshop is a project I've worked on for a long time by now, so I'm very excited about finally seeing this dream come true within the next few weeks!

I'm also very honored to be guest blogging here on AMM while Jennifer is having a well deserved break in New York! No, I'm not jealous ;)

I've lived in France for many many years by now, but I still can't imagine summer holidays without traveling to Sweden. My kids neither by the way, although they were born in France! My family has a summer cabin by the Baltic sea, so we are very lucky, but sometimes I'm dreaming of decorating my own cabin... I still haven't decided whether I would go for a very basic all white interior, or a crazy bohemian mix of flea market finds, or maybe something in between? Oh well, that won't happen in a near future anyway, so for the time being I'm just dreaming while enjoying these pictures of inspirational Scandinavian summer homes. I hope you like them too!

guest post: DIY neon bead necklace


Hope everyone is having a nice week! I'm so happy to welcome Brittany for today's guest post. She is a DIY powerhouse and just sort of oozes creativity (this copper tubing table for example!). I think you will enjoy this simple DIY as much as I do. Thanks again Brittany! -Jennifer

guest post by Brittany from The House That Lars Built
guest post by Brittany from The House That Lars Built
guest post by Brittany from The House That Lars Built
guest post by Brittany from The House That Lars Built
guest post by Brittany from The House That Lars Built
guest post by Brittany from The House That Lars Built
Hey! I'm Brittany Watson Jepsen of The House That Lars Built. I live in Copenhagen, Denmark with my husband and I make/design all sorts of stuff: interiors, paper flowers, wedding invitations, lots of DIYs. I sell it from my Etsy shop. Take a lookie here and join me on Facebook and Twitter.

DIY Neon bead necklace

I was absolutely honored to be asked to guest blog here on AMM and I started thinking of all the things I could write about. One of my ideas was to make a "top three reasons why Jennifer and fam should move to Scandinavia" but then I realized that she probably didn't need convincing. I mean, her aesthetic is already so in line--way more than mine, and I live here! Instead, I was inspired by her jewelry making and attempted my own little piece. I had seen someone at The Hive wearing one like these and thought it looked beyond doable.

Materials: wood sphere (I bought mine here in Berlin but you could find one similar at any craft store), leather cord, neon yellow acrylic paint, pencil

Step 1: With a pencil, mark down the middle of the circle on either side of the holes.
Step 2: Paint in one side with the neon yellow and let it dry.
Step 3: String the leather through.

SO easy, right? I wear it all the time already. It's a nice pop of color, but not overboard.

A huge thank you to Ashley from Chasing Heartbeats for helping me with the photography and Anne of Pret-a-Voyager for playing the neon pink hand model.

guest post: around Kerry's home


I want to welcome Kerry to the blog this morning. I am glad to call her a good friend as well as talented blogger & shop owner. Her photographs are always stunning & life with her
two sweet kids could not look more beautiful. Today she shares some images of her home, isn't it gorgeous? Enjoy! -Jennifer

Guest post by Kerry from The Seventy Tree
Guest post by Kerry from The Seventy Tree
Guest post by Kerry from The Seventy Tree
Guest post by Kerry from The Seventy Tree
Guest post by Kerry of The Seventy Tree
Guest post by Kerry from The Seventy Tree
Guest post by Kerry from The Seventy Tree
Guest post by Kerry from The Seventy Tree
guest post by Kerry from The Seventy Tree
Hello, I’m Kerry from Seventy Tree. I’m an illustrator living in London with my husband and two children. I’m very happy to be posting on Jennifer’s blog today while she is on her travels - I have known Jennifer ‘online’ for some time now and we have some nice little back and forth emails across the globe - our boys are very close in age and similarly, we are both trying to combine motherhood with running busy shops! Not always easy!

Anyway, I live in a 1960s flat (apartment) in a very leafy area of North London. It is pretty small, but the location is fantastic. Due to its small proportions and that I only have a 50mm lens, my photos tend to be of close-up details around my home. I am a big fan of Marimekko, Lucky Boy Sunday and the wonderful Donna Wilson (as you can see). I love to change things around at home and display finds by designer makers I have discovered through the blog world and of course, Etsy - many of them have become friends, both in real-life and online, so having their work in my home feels even more special. The apple cushion is one of my latest additions and is by Studio Meez. I also love the work of Fanja Ralison and Elisabeth Dunker, who designed the tea-towel underneath the Marimekko bowl. Much too nice to be drying my dishes with! Like many others, I have been enjoying the ‘neon’ revival, so am very happy to own one of Fanja's mushroom cushions.

All these little details create a relaxed, comfortable home, where my children can play freely. Even though we could do with some extra square meters here, what we have is pretty good, so I try not to complain too much!

Have a nice day and thanks again for having me ♡

guest post: Finnish Summer


Hello everyone! Jeremiah & I are getting ready to leave for NYC tomorrow so all this week I am happy to share that there will be some really special contributors to the blog. They've got some great posts lined up and I am happy to introduce Riikka as the first. Did you all know what a fan I am of this woman? Outside of being a mom she is also a talented designer and DIY'er, stylist and photographer. Everything she does is magic.
I hope you all enjoy! -Jennifer

Guest post by Riikka Kantinkoski from Weekday Carnival

Hi, my name is Riikka. I write a blog called Weekday Carnival and I also have small shop RK Design. I was honored when Jennifer asked me to contribute this guest post, but also a bit lost about what should I write. Summer holidays have just started here so I decided to share a small bit of Finnish Summer instead of telling you about nightless nights , Karelian pies, or salmiac.

Here in Finland our Summer lasts only two months so we have to take advantage of it in a short period. The best things in Summer for me are taking a rowboat trip early in the morning,  going to a saunadipping your feet in warm water, relaxing in a summerhouse, swimming, watching the sunset, taking a walk into a fresh birch forest, taking a night swim, going for a picnic by bike, laying in flower fields and watching how  clouds make different shapes.  To learn more about Finland watch this.   Have a wonderful summer wherever you are!



It's a gloomy cold day here today & I'm avoiding all the things I need to get done. Let's procrastinate together & dream of a kitchen like this.

Found via Emma.

DIY copper vase


You may already know that I'm loving copper anything right now, so I wanted to find a way to add more of it around the house.
I had this glass vase that I wasn't using & decided to give it an upgrade with some copper metallic paint.
The paint was made for glass surfaces as well as others so it was as simple as spray it, and let dry.
Easy right? I only sprayed the outside though so the inside can still be filled with water and flowers.

Happy spray-painting!

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