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I've been asked about my table so I thought it time to share. This is was an early Christmas present and we ordered it before it was released so it's still a fairly new piece. Designed by Nicholai Wiig Hansen and manufactured by Normann Copenhagen, a brand of which I am a monster fan, the Tablo table comes in four pieces which are just the legs and top. It's a pretty good size and as you can see, we use it to stack large books (that don't fit in the shelves next to the couch) so it's strong enough to hold a decent amount of weight.
They make a matte black version and a smaller one too!



I brought some macarons home for Israel and I had to take a few pictures before he inhaled them. The dark chocolate was delicious, I know only from the crumb Israel left behind.

niece time

I'm a proud aunt, I can't help it!


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The days are getting longer, the temperature is slowly getting warmer and I love the look of greens and blues together.




I always debate whether or not I should keep this desk in our room. It faces our bed on a long wall and I think if I replaced it with 2 long white dressers I might like it better. But then, I really like the color of this wood. I found the desk at a thrift store last year for $14. I sanded it and refinished the wood. Though it's still a bit shinier than I wanted I do love the color and it's complimentary to our light wood bed & all white bedding.
Mostly though, I just like that I could put a few of my favorite things here. The Himmelli light cord was made for me by Melissa of AMRadio and the cat poster was purchased here. The block lamp is from here and they surround a few books I like and some postcards. The boxes are old wine crates we painted and the vintage pottery is West German that I collected from Etsy & ebay. The FDB Mobler chair was a steal that I found on ebay for $10 and painted black, the wood was in very poor condition.
I might change things up a bit in the coming months but for now, I like this little area in our room.

from the weekend

Apparently we ate out a lot over the weekend. Nothing like looking at your photos & realizing they're all of food! Just to clarify, this was over the course of 3 days...
We actually try to cook at home as much as possible, I should post more of those meals because that is the majority of what we eat. Every now & again it's nice to grab cheap tacos & fries or a really good slice of pizza.

I could live here


A lovely place for sale in Vasastaden. The Secto Octo lights are my favorite.

what he wore

I'm excited to share with you a new little weekly (hopefully) series that I'm bringing to you with the help of my little guy. I've had several of you ask about Israel's clothes over the past few months so I'm trying also to source everything I can remember for you. I see a lot of blogs with small fashions geared towards girls but the boys need style too, right?

dinner with friends


We had some friends over the other night for dinner, it was our good friend Kirsten's birthday. I made an egg frittata, roasted cauliflower, lots of fresh fruit & blueberry lemonade. We put some of those grocers from the last post to good use and tried out the Cherimoya, she declared it her new favorite.

colorful shopping trip


Our latest trip to the market looked like this. You can see the cheese puffs bag had been opened in the car, someone could not wait until he got home. I didn't realize how color coordinated I was until I got home. Yellows & oranges, purple & greens and blue and whites. The mini cream puff was too pretty not to have its own little plate.

Now to do some cooking...
I find that I am more likely to eat lots of vegetables if they're colorful, the cauliflower for example.

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