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Rooney Mara / Tartines / Santal 33 / Bed / Pillows / Merci / PR girl / Magazine Holder DIY / Ice Cream

It has been a while since I've done one of these and I thought it was time.
I truly wish I had much more time to devote to this blog but with managing the shop, being a mommy & wife and sister & daughter...there just isn't enough of me to go around.

I am excited to say though that the blog is getting a facelift! I've tried to do as much as I can on my own, with little time and I feel like it's really looking shabby and neglected. My good (and talented) friend Ana is working on it though and I hope we'll get something great finished here soon. Don't expect fire works or anything, I want to clean up some things, add a navigation option so old posts are more easily found along with a new logo and more organized columns. Other than that, I enjoy reading blogs with very simple layouts so I'm doing the same, just a better version of simple I hope!

a visitor


Jeremiah took Israel for a walk to get out of the house. I saw them walking up to the house on their way back but this time they were 3. This, very friendly, cat had followed them for the majority of their walk. He was very affectionate and just wanted to rub all over us. Israel was charmed. We soon went into the house and washed out hands, where has that fluffy cat been?

pink or green?


Thank you to everyone for your care & concern for Israel, I really appreciate the kind and wonderful readers I have! I am glad to report that he has had no other reactions since and hopefully never again.

I collected some things from around the house in like colors, I love this pink, it's almost a melon color. But then there's green, so fresh and bright and a very happy group of colors. Which do you prefer?
I finally found a place for that Marimekko fabric I had laying around. I love the pattern and colors so much but I don't want to cut it up so I just stretched it over a canvas and hung it over our bed. For as long as I can remember, we've never had anything hanging over our bed, at least not in this house. It's kind of weird having something in that normally blank space but I actually really like it. The pillow is from RK, hard to choose just one but I don't like having too many pillows so this big one is just perfect.

what we did yesterday...


Was visit the Emergency Room with a very unhappy little boy. He ate something and had a sudden allergic reaction followed by swelling, hives, itching and plenty of crying. I was terrified at this sudden outbreak and we rushed to the hospital as quickly as we could, trying to talk Israel through the car ride to keep him calm.
I was nearly in tears as we fought our way through lots of traffic and ridiculously slow drivers. Finally, we arrived at the hospital and by this time most of the swelling and hives had nearly disappeared (the drive was nearly 40 minutes mind you). After a little Benadryl and some monitoring, Israel was asleep in Daddy's arms, ready to go home. I left out a few details, it wasn't that quick of a trip, but you get the general idea.

I would like never to experience this sort of unforeseen panic again with Israel. I was so nervous for him, seeing him itch his swollen little wrists and not know what was going on inside of his body. For those 40 minutes, I tried not to jump to conclusions. I tried to stay calm, think objectively about what could have gone wrong and not let on to my little toddler that mommy was worried. But truthfully, I was thinking that I could not let anything bad happen to my sweet baby. I was thinking that I could not imagine life without his sweet face, curious voice and happy laughter!
I'm glad to say he's been just fine for the last 24 hrs but we're still not quite sure what went wrong. I'm hoping he has not developed a peanut allergy (please no!) but we will be visiting the doctor again really soon to find out.
Anyways, I've been carefully watching everything I feed him and looking for even the faintest of signs that something might go wrong and remembering to be thankful for this wonderful little gift we've been given, I love this boy!

plus color


Some of the new styling work by Susanna Vento, who's added the best hues to otherwise monochrome scenes. I really like that neon green AJ lamp.



I've been home a lot lately. A LOT. These are just the clean portions of the house and gallery hanging system. I shot photos of the laundry and piles and papers and toys but then the thought of editing all those dirty photos just discouraged me. Maybe next week?
I made cookies and mini cakes last week, the first baking I've done since Christmas.

Hope you're all having a good week, I have a lot yet to do so I better go!

my view


Just a few corners of my house.
Also, I was happy to have my shop featured in German magazine, Gaarn. It's a beautiful new publication and I am honored to be a part of it.



Times like these, I'm just honored to have such beautiful designs grace the pages of my blog. I think obsessed would be putting it lightly.

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