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a shop announcement


This has been a very busy month. Sales in the shop have slowed down since Christmas, which I'm ok with because it was so busy last month, I could barely handle it. This month though, I'm getting ready for a big sale. I'm really excited to be featured on this site but it means I have a whole lot of work to do. I'm putting my shop on (working) vacation for a while starting tomorrow so I can get things done.
So...if you want to get an order in, now is the time to do it!
I'm excited for what coming up in the next couple weeks, but I will also have to hibernate to get everything done. Might be time to hire some help I think.

a new cup


Israel was given this cute little Ferm Living cup from Harabu House last week. It's kind of perfect for his little hands and he loves the Panda Bear, he loves Pandas for some reason. Of course the most exciting thing is opening the box that was delivered to the house, he is so intrigued with the mystery of the box's contents. Anyways, he loves his little cup and asks for it all the time, drinks from it and spills plenty of water everywhere.

Israel loves to play in his room, at his little desks that are right at his level. He turns on his lamp and music, colors & paints, races his cars up and down and just makes a general mess. I am not one to tolerate toys everywhere, it is very stressful for me but at the same time I want Israel to have fun and spend time playing with his imagination and not be prohibited by his mom's need to keep things put away. To solve this, I keep his toys in these white bins that are on a high shelf (somewhat visible in the 2nd photo) and take one or two down at a time. When he wants more toys down, I have him put the toys back into the bins and trade them for new ones. That way all of his toys are not out at once but he still gets to play and make a mess.
I was wondering what all you other mothers out there do to keep the toys organized? Any brilliant tips you'd be willing to share?

more about rugs


I love these layered rugs, but they look great together because of the floors. I ended up ditching my old rug for a cowhide very similar to this, I'll share photos later.
Until I have the floors I want, I don't want to make a real investment rug purchase because it will only be compromised by the carpets, you know?

image source

day at the park

We went to the park last week. Israel was in heaven with all of the play ground toys, poor guy doesn't get to go as often as he'd like. We also went for a little hike and then home for a bath and homemade Abelskivers. I was disappointed at how they turned out, tasted great but sort of saucer shaped and not spheres. I'm going to keep practicing, eventually I'll get it right, I hope!



Jeremiah found these places the other day and now all I can think about is visiting the Swedish forest. There are a few more conceptual getaways, including a UFO and bird's nest.



I think I've covered a little of everything. All found here.

rug hunting


living room
I've got an itch to find a new, better rug. I'd love something with more of a low pile, larger and something with a little pattern maybe. I was going to go with Ikea's Stockholm rug, which I feel like everyone has, but I know why now, because rug shopping sucks and this is actually a really great option and a really great price. But, it is no where to be found, maybe a problem with production or something.
I thought I found a solution with the Souk rug and only hesitated for a few days and bam! it's on backorder now! Sheesh. I don't want to wait 1/4 of a year for this rug.
So, my hunt continues, my perpetual quest to discreetly cover the carpet I despise so much. Wish me luck.

some old trip photos


I was cleaning up the desktop and realized I had a whole day's worth of photos from our Portland trip that I never posted. Oops. So I thought I'd share them now and finish clearing of that desktop off mine.

We found this wonderful Swedish clothing shop called Dunderdon, that had the most amazing (mostly men's I think) workwear inspired clothing and accessories. The store itself was so pretty with rope held fixtures and industrial lighting and an array of fun gadgets, many from Hand Eye Supply (local store a few blocks down). It was impossible to leave empty handed but we discovered it towards the end of our trip so I Jeremiah only bought a notebook.
The next morning we went to breakfast at a little Scandinavian cottage called Broder. The outside was pretty modest but the line for "brunch" formed quickly and aggressively as the seating is very limited. Fortunately we were one of the first to arrive and were seated quickly. Everything was delicious and we feasted on potato cakes and abelskivers with lemon curd and jam.

I'm a little sad thinking about our trip. We had fun while we were there but reminiscing makes me think even more fondly about it and I'm sure we will go back when we can.



I love this place, so clean and bright and I bet it will be making it's way around the web in no time.
I actually found it thanks to Tiger and so glad I did too.

involving food


I've been forcing myself to photograph my food, as a way to get motivated to eat more clean foods. It's much more work to prep the food & go shopping but I feel much better. I ate so much crappy food during the three weeks in December I was working like crazy, so I'm just happy I have a little bit of time to do this.
Oh, and I made this lentil spread and everyone LOVES this stuff! It doesn't look super great but I've made it four times in the last week if that says anything.
Here's how I made it

1 cp cooked lentils (cooked in chicken stock)
2 garlic cloves
1 tlb stone ground mustard
2 diced green onions
2 tlb raw almonds
2 tlb olive oil

Puree everything in a food processor, adding more oil towards the end if you want it more "spreadable". I like it with these black bean chips but it would be good with anything. I actually scrambled it with my eggs earlier in the week.

Some containers I ordered from Fab came in today. I love this bread bowl from Erik Bagger and the vacuum pitcher was much less than the coveted Stelton pitcher.

Any moms/dads (or aunts or godmothers etc.) read the Pigeon books? Israel loves them, we've read them over and over and over, he's reading some of it to us now. I bought him the Pigeon plush and he sleeps with him. It's pretty cute how much he loves this bird.
Often times Israel leaves the house looking better than us but I'd rather it be that way than the other way, you know?

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