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little bedroom + Roxy Marj coloring posters


After mentioning the new bed we got yesterday, I thought I'd share some more of Israel's little room. It's not very big and rarely clean on top of being pretty small so I don't often want to take photos in here but I had to do some organizing after getting his bed together.
The real reason though is to share these coloring poster my friend Roxy (and blog sponsor if you may notice) who is this wonder woman of talents. She's an illustrator and textile designer who recently created these large posters that kids can color on. Smart right?
She has 4 different styles but I love this rug version, designed after an old Kilim, it's filled with fun faces and patterns. Roxy kept the parents in mind with this as well, considering what we would want to have hanging in our house as well.
She hit the nail on the head, in my opinion. Check out the other 3 styles here!

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