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feathers in my room


I have been on a feather kick all Summer, I even got my first tattoo which is a (you guessed it) feather. You may remember this print (available here) from a while back? Since then I bought a bag of these big, black feathers in hopes I would think of something brilliant for them. Time has passed and busy life has taken over so they've mostly been passed around vases and containers until last week when I decided to do a little installation above my bed. Perks to having a blank wall behind your bed, it's ready for anything!


  1. Looks really cute, simple, just art! The pillow cases also make a very nice combination, and I just noticed you have the same Marimekko cover (the grey brush strokes) I just bought to our bedroom. Just had to have one before they sold them out...

  2. It's a great idea, especially for a kids' room. You can use the feathers as dream catchers.
    Have a nice day,

  3. It's really pretty, and I think above the bed is a perfect place.

  4. You could hang them all clustered from the ceiling, dif lengths... Or make a feather mobile! (maybe you already did that? I don't remember) did you see Bleubirds wedding? Black feathers hanging as decor!

  5. I absolutely love the minimalism look you have going on in your room. Black & white are so classy together. Where is your bed frame from?


    1. The bed frame looks a lot like IKEA malm in birch... Love this bedroom! It's so graphic & cosy.

  6. this is a cool idea. tape everything! i too want a feather tattoo,, they always looks so delicate.


  7. I'm catching a black swan sort of vide from this haha ; )

  8. So spookylovely! I actually have a blue feather on the wall behind me as I write this, similarly left over from an old project in which they never even got used:

    Thanks for validating its placement for me!

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