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my most inspirational home


by Deborah

I really have a list of inspirational homes but I remember when I first saw the home of Emma Persson Lagerberg way back in 2009 in a Elle decoration magazine, I instantly fell in love. It was my first introduction to white floors and my love for an all white colour scheme allowing all the quirky cool finds, Ikea pieces and design classics to jump out, creating a real electric mix of wonderfulness.

This would normally be too cluttered for me and my space at home but I find this space incredible inspirational and I have an urgent feeling of wanting to live there! The interior is styled effortlessly and has a great sense of character, drawing me straight in. There is so much for the eye to see yet the space feels somewhat calm and you really get a sense that a family enjoys staying here.

I hope you like this home as much as I do. On a plus, the drummer of The Cardigans lives here and Im a big fan!

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