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yes or no?


Normally all sorts of awkward things come up in my mind when I think of zebra prints in interiors. We've seen them done so wrong and they're usually associated with this gaudy, overdone sort of decorating with tassels and fabric wrapped picture frames, gold chandeliers...but after I recently spotted this in Ikea's blog I sort of had a different feelings. Maybe zebra print doesn't have to be so bad? Possibly with the right styling it can work?
I'll leave this open ended...what are your thoughts?


  1. I think this gorgeous artwork breaks the curse of the tacky zebra. Maybe it's best to just stay away from rugs!

  2. By the bye, what is the link for the IKEA blog you mentioned? I didn't know they had an official one.

  3. I really like it as an artwork (as in it's a real zebra), I'm personally not sure about it as a print on it's own!

  4. So I had this picture long time ago and I loved it!!! Looks great!!! Enjoy your weekend!!!!

  5. I love it and I usually HATE zebra print. I think this works because:

    a.) it is an actual zebra
    b.) it is a piece of art work not some tacky rug bedspread
    c.) the over all understated look
    c.) the mini zebra below it adds a bit of extra charm.

    This debate should be a good one!

  6. I normally can't stand the whole zebra thing, but this print is lovely!

  7. as most of the readers are saying i think it looks good because is an actual print of a zebra and not just a pattern! that is probably making the whole difference! i like it here very much! and how can we resist the little zebra as well? ;)

  8. I think it is such a gorgeous piece to hang on a wall- especially in a understated room. The reason zebra print is probably associated with gaudy is because it is usually used in rooms with crazy prints and colours, but what i love about that photographs is that the room is simple and that artwork is the key feature.


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