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an explanation


I'm still here, I promise! I have been spotty the past week or so but there's reason for that. Ever since we came home from NY I have been sick, very sick. (also, my camera is still in the shop being repaired, please hurry repairman!) I'm not sure what it is but I'm pretty sure I picked up a virus from the subway and brought it home with me.
I spent almost an entire week in bed, watching episodes of Mad Men on my ipad and generally feeling exhausted, sore and unmotivated. Slowly it's spread to Jeremiah and now Israel has Tonsillitis. Seriously? I house full of sick people? Who's going to care care of who?

Well, with that out of the way I think it's pretty obvious why I've been a bit absent from the blog. I hate it but I just can't do it all. I think we're slowly getting better though, which is good because I have several projects in the works right now and I really can't be sick another day!

Hope everyone else is well though! Good thing I'm not contagious through the Internet huh?

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