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It's amazing the amount of work it can be to feed a 2 year old but somehow he can inhale pancakes and raspberries. I try to make them healthier for him though my adding unsweetened applesauce to the whole wheat mix and topping them with fruit and a little powdered sugar rather than syrup and lots of butter.

What do you do to sneak healthier things into your kids' food without them noticing? Even for yourself as well?


  1. Those look yummy! I use almond flour for my pancakes so they are gluten free and much healthier. Also, I have added squash and pumpkin. Never tried applesauce. I will have to! Thanks for the idea.

  2. I make mine gluten free as well- buckwheat and almond flour are two of the best. I also make lots of fruit and spinach smoothies- baby spinach is undetectable in taste and all you taste is the fruit, pb, cocoa powder, etc. yum

  3. AnonymousJune 05, 2012

    My son is super picky especially when it comes to eating veggies. My sister gave me a recipe recently for Sloppy Joe's. We didn't grow up eating Sloppy Joe's so it was kind of a surprise to me that she was making these. They have a homemade sauce and carrots and zucchini are in it. Sometimes I make them with ground turkey or I make them with textured vegetable protein. I have to mince the veggies and onion up in the food processor, but the recipe just calls for a small chop. My son gobbles it up. Here is the recipe:

  4. I just tried adding some spelt flour into buttermilk pancakes, they turned out great! I just read this book called "French Kids Eat Everything" and it gave me some good ideas, cultural differences aside.

  5. OMG Yum!!!! This looks sooo good. I bet it turned out delicious.

    Cathy Trails

  6. I don't have any children yet, but I do try to sneak vegetables into food for my husband and I. Just recently I added pureed spinach to a batch of brownies and we loved them! We couldn't taste a difference and because the chocolate was so dark, they color wasn't affected at all.

  7. Your pancakes look absolutely delish! My very picky two-year-old also loves pancakes so I make either coconut flour pancakes (lots of fiber + protein due to the eggs) or cottage cheese pancakes which are also protein rich. We are huge maple syrup fans (the real stuff, of course - nothing artificial!!) so I always top pancakes with fruit and maple syrup.

  8. Love these photos! I like your tricks to help make the pancakes more healthy!

  9. AnonymousJune 07, 2012

    GREEN SMOOTHIES!!! My 3 year old loves them and so do we. You can find recipes on-line, but it's basically whatever fresh fruit you like, some greens, like spinach or kale, and a bit of water.....blended up. The fruit makes it nice and sweet. And best of all, it's raw, so you're getting all the nutrients!! Oh my, I do want some pancakes right not though!!! Yum!


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