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sick days


I have to apologize for the radio silence. I caught the flu Saturday and I've basically been out of commission ever since. Finally tonight, Tuesday night, I'm starting to feel a bit more like myself again, not so tired and weak and I've got loads to work to catch up on now.
I think all these long days, sleepless nights have caught up with me & my body is forcing me to rest. It's really such ironic timing though. I had just about completely caught up with shop orders and I was planning a weekend of working on the house, spending time with the boys and planning our trip to NY next month. Now, I'm peddling fast to get make up for time lost.
It's important to me to keep up with the blog but if it's spotty again this week, I promise next week will be better!

Oh, and I guess I had not mentioned our NY trip until just now. Jeremiah will be celebrating 5 yrs of marriage in June and we've always wanted to see New York. We will be visiting some dear friends, seeing the sights and eating some good food. I cannot wait! If anyone has some must-see places to suggest, leave a comment because I would love to know.

Also, thank you thank you to everyone who commented on the last post! I loved reading everyone else's struggle with maintaining the housework among other responsibilities. I feel bad that so many of us have a hard time with it but I also feel much better to know I'm not alone!

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