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yellow and red


Two colors I don't use much, yellow and red, and yet I like them here. I also like the two as a team, used together. Maybe that has something to do with the grey walls in these photos or maybe it's just a Spring thing.
What are your feelings on this color combo?


  1. I've never had red as a color on item, even less on walls. It's really weird but this color kinda stresses me out, or at less I feel a little bit worn out within red spaces. Yellow, on the other side, is a color I love ! Little touches of yellow cheer me up :)

  2. They're very daring and they clash with each other, so it might not create a visually pleasing image for the eye. They just don't quite do it for me, when they're together. I'm not a fan of the red colour, either.

  3. A little touch of either of those colours does wonders. I find it takes some skill to combine them though.

  4. I'm tending towards yellow - but only as an accent colour during spring and summer.

  5. I'm not a huge fan or red, but I love pops of yellow!

  6. What a cute skinny yellow chair. :)


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