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one of a kinds & new (thinner) chains...


Forgot to mention that one of the reasons I was sharing this is because I recently downsized all of my chains. These are the first in the series of more petite chains, only 1mm thick. I had some issues with my previous supplier and I also like thinner chains and smaller beads myself so this is sort of to announce that the silver & gold plated chains will be this thinner kind and subsequently the beads will be a bit smaller to fit the smaller proportions. I will add a new photo to the end of this post as example.

I haven't shared anything from my jewelry shop for a while. I've just been trying to keep up, running your own business is time consuming at best. While I wish I had time to put out a more full collection or line, my time is limited. Here are a few things I've been working on, each one of a kind. If they are well received I may make more but we'll see.
It's always hard to design new pieces. I know what I would like and wear but that isn't always the same as other people, what makes us unique no? Testing out different styles in small quantities to see the response seems to work best for me and I'm usually surprised as to what people like the most. Sometimes I'll put something out there that I'm really excited about and very few people seem to respond well and on the contrary I might make something I wasn't too thrilled about at first and it just takes off. Funny how that happens.
I'll be adding these to the shop tonight as well as a few other in the coming days.

So what do you think of these pieces?
Any shapes or colors you'd like to see?

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