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what we did yesterday...


Was visit the Emergency Room with a very unhappy little boy. He ate something and had a sudden allergic reaction followed by swelling, hives, itching and plenty of crying. I was terrified at this sudden outbreak and we rushed to the hospital as quickly as we could, trying to talk Israel through the car ride to keep him calm.
I was nearly in tears as we fought our way through lots of traffic and ridiculously slow drivers. Finally, we arrived at the hospital and by this time most of the swelling and hives had nearly disappeared (the drive was nearly 40 minutes mind you). After a little Benadryl and some monitoring, Israel was asleep in Daddy's arms, ready to go home. I left out a few details, it wasn't that quick of a trip, but you get the general idea.

I would like never to experience this sort of unforeseen panic again with Israel. I was so nervous for him, seeing him itch his swollen little wrists and not know what was going on inside of his body. For those 40 minutes, I tried not to jump to conclusions. I tried to stay calm, think objectively about what could have gone wrong and not let on to my little toddler that mommy was worried. But truthfully, I was thinking that I could not let anything bad happen to my sweet baby. I was thinking that I could not imagine life without his sweet face, curious voice and happy laughter!
I'm glad to say he's been just fine for the last 24 hrs but we're still not quite sure what went wrong. I'm hoping he has not developed a peanut allergy (please no!) but we will be visiting the doctor again really soon to find out.
Anyways, I've been carefully watching everything I feed him and looking for even the faintest of signs that something might go wrong and remembering to be thankful for this wonderful little gift we've been given, I love this boy!

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