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I could use some inspiration right now, how about you?

All found here.

the past few days


...have been more of a blur than any days I can remember. Lots of hustle getting orders out, Christmas Eve Guatemalan tamales made by my Grandma, Christmas morning, and making time for our new family member. She doesn't have a name yet but she was my sister's (and mine too) favorite Christmas present.

Trail mix was a thoughtful gift from my friend Jessica!



The last few weeks have been crazy, to put it mildly, so I am really glad to get a little bit of rest today, get my house somewhat in order again and cook for my boys.

Hope you're all having a wonderful time with your family and friends, I get to spend the day with my new niece, which I am so happy about.

I'll be back to blogging more regularly here soon, until then, Merry Christmas all!

Lotta's shop


I'm going to see it in person someday, I will!




What the last three days have felt like.

I promise, I will blog again soon!

my big news


I've been trying to stay mum about this but I'm excited to say that Etsy is featuring me today. Can you believe it? I'm the featured seller!
Read the interview right here.

counting & shipping


This is more or less what our day was comprised of.
Lots of playing and counting and packaging and shipping.




Jeremiah is so good about bringing me flowers, anything with these faint shades of pink are perfect to me.
Saturday we went to a football game, the last home game. Our first date was in this very stadium and I couldn't help but feel nostalgic.
This is the first year I went tree shopping alone. It was delivered last night and Israel was so excited, he kept yelling "Christmas tree!". He helped me put the decorations on the tree while eating some of the gingerbread ornaments. I'm excited for Christmas this year more than most, Israel is old enough to enjoy all of these little traditions and it makes the holidays so much more fun.



I love these beautiful wood vessels. I've always wondered how raw wood does not soak up all food colors and juices, or does it? Or are these lightly finished with something?
I may never know, I think the site is in Japanese.

Do you know?



AlexandAlexa sent this cute little classic car to Israel. I really wanted the white one, color looks so ugly on our even uglier carpets, and by mistake the red one was sent. As soon as I let them know, this beautiful book was sent over as a gift!
We love them both and the car was an instant hit with Israel. He calls it his "new car" or "red car". Thankfully, it's also big enough for him to grow into some so this will last him a while.

Let me just say again how much we love this little car, I am not complaining, I just wanted to explain what happened to express how wonderful AlexandAlexa's customer service is and how prompt they were. It's a lovely car, even the red is wonderful, we are happy with it and thankful for such a fun new toy!

new in shop

new necklace
I'd say it's a good to problem to have when you've sold so much that you need to come up with something new just to have stock. Working on adding this and several others today. I've got to shoot while there still light, these short Winter days are brutal.

collection of metallics

collection of metallics
All found here, including my new copper earrings.

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