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getting ready


As soon as Thanksgiving is over, Christmas anything is fair game! That means Frank Sinatra Christmas, eggnog, hanging lights, and crafts. I don't have much time these days (thanks to everyone continuing to support my shop!) but I try to make something new every Christmas. This year I made a quick, like an hour quick, advent calendar for Christmas. We don't celebrate Advent but I thought it would be nice for him to have a candy or toy to open every day until Christmas. When he gets older, I may write him a little note to him about all the things I love about him, but right now candy and toys suffice. I just stuck some foam core board to the wall, below the shelves where he can reach.



We all drove to Bend, again, over the weekend. I was nervous about how Israel would do riding in the car for 5 hours, but with the help of toys, snacks, and movies on the ipad, he did really well!
We stayed with Jeremiah's aunt, who collects a lot of vintage & antique things.
It might just be me, but the terrain in Central Oregon is not pretty. A lot of volcanic rock equals ugly trees & shrubs.
Israel loved seeing the horses, rabbits and dogs. He spent one afternoon chasing the dogs through the yard with his cousins. I think he needs a pet, but I'm not ready for that.
It was a nice trip but I like being back home. So much to do and it's amazing how three days off will multiply your to-do list.

flash sale



Christmas in Copenhagen


I know Emma just wrote about this but I had to reblog it. Doesn't it make you excited to decorate for Christmas? I love all of the warm purple, but I will have to admire from afar since purple would look terrible in our house.

hair inspiration


A collection of hair inspiration, all found here.

from the weekend


from the weekend

Some of the our weekend. Saturday was fun but I've been at my desk since early this morning. It's a mess.

working days


For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you may have seen that Israel has Croup. We took him in to the ER two nights ago because he woke up with a terrible sounding cough. Poor guy just isn't himself and needs more tlc frm his mama, and in the mean time the list of things I need to get done just multiplies. I often wonder how other moms do it who are self employed? Do they multitask? Hire a sitter? Work late into the night?

Above are a few of my new pieces.



Made some marshmallows from scratch using this recipe. Mine didn't turn out quite so airy because I couldn't find my candy thermometer but I got close and they still turned out fluffy and soft.

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