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2 years old & a special birthday sale!


Today our Israel turns 2. I cried when I gave him his birthday donut & hot wheels! It wasn't even 9 am yet. Ok, I can make it through this day, it won't be so tough...?

Anyways, in honor of the big birthday, I'm having a 24 hr sale in the shop!
Enter BIRTHDAYBASH at checkout to receive 22% off of e v e r y t h i n g
Ends this time tomorrow.




I love the colors in this. And the wedges. And the heels. And the jeans. I even want glasses now.

from the weekend


I spent the morning yesterday, cleaning and organizing. Israel's birthday is Friday & we're having family over this weekend, the reason for the tissue confetti.
My sister is having a girl (yay!) in December & I had to get this little onesie for her.
Last night I made eggs benedict for the first time & it was a success! Jeremiah had never tried it before and I think it's a new favorite for him. I used ham instead of Canadian Bacon & I think it was delicious.



Ya, this is pretty close to my dream home/apartment. I have a new appreciation for Thonet chairs, they have a beautiful silhouette. And that flooring is my favorite. I'm curious about the bed though, is it two mattresses pushed together?

in the shop

It's been a busy week, working on orders and trying to upload all of these new pieces I worked on a few weeks ago, but they're here and I'm excited to show you! I've got some new triangle pendants & earrings in all new colors, as well as the faceted posts in new shades as well. I'm most excited about these brass pendant necklaces! I made the beads by hand and strung them together with these 3D sort of pendants. I hope you like them too. Check them out right here.

Have a great weekend everyone!



A collection of a great color trio, black, white & red.

(left to right, top to bottom)
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

take cover


I love these colors and patterns. Found here.

table DIY


Such a good idea, I'm going to remember this one.



Israel gets up and rearranges the cushions and the furniture every morning. It's like a ritual. He also likes to help me make breakfast smoothies and stand on his stool next to me while I clean the kitchen.
Jeremiah brought home some sushi for dinner, and flowers which I did not get a shot of.
I'm off to bed early tonight so I can get up nice and early tomorrow. I'm already writing my to do list!

back in stock, Limited Edition II

It's someone's lucky day because last night I found a few more of these brass charms. I bought everything I could but it left me with 12 pieces total. So here are a few more, in limited stock because I highly doubt I'll ever be able to find these charms again!

Three Little Ducks

Three Little Ducks
I adore these dresses, can you believe they're handmade? The soft colors are just gorgeous.

from the weekend

I'm excited to premier this new triangular collection in my shop later today, they're in small quantity though, just 1 of each color available.
We went to a birthday party this weekend at Jeremiah's sister's house. She lives on an old farm. Israel loves the animals and we left with some peppers. I better make some salsa soon.



I blogged about this same place once a long time ago. It's worth repeating, though this time with different photos. I see some things have changed since the first time I spotted it. Lots of great ways to use Ikea products here.

fashion week


Fashion Week
I have not been following Fashion Week, I barely have enough time to fold this laundry that keeps piling up! I did get a chance to browse through this recap of FW's street style. Pink tipped hair, would you do it?

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