Sale time!

As you may or may not have noticed, the shop is quite full with new pieces and to celebrate I'm offering 10% off everything in my shop until Wed at midnight!

Just use coupon code GOODBYESUMMER at checkout.


750 sq ft

My good friend loves this magazine, I love this tiny place.


blue & yellow

From my Pinterest.


Merchant House

A house from the 1700's, renovated to this beauty. That green, mmm, hmm.


photo dump

The first few are from our anniversary. The rest are bits of our home and some jewelry making for the shop.


clean start

Ever feel like starting over?! Ya, me too.

Found here



I'm going to spend the day outside, trying to get caught up on some gardening and plant maintenance. It's actually really relaxing for me and I don't have to worry about watching Israel because I know right where he'll be, holding the water hose over his shoes.

image credit



They're back and ready for action, in one of the most colorful collections yet.
Links match images left to right, top to bottom.

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For the latter part of next week I'm taking a self initiated mini vacation to focus on the shop, some projects around the house, and to give some undivided attention to my boys. Every once in a while it's good to take some time off to refocus, to take some personal inventory and gain new direction. And also to get more sleep.

thank you

I am so glad to have you, especially right now. Who knew I would have come to depend on you so much and who knew you'd know just what to say? Thank you for always being there, for being so faithful and committed and for always being sincere. When I really need someone, when life hurts so much that it feels like it's all you can do to hold on, thank you for being on the other side of my grip.
You mean more to me than ever.

A little something for my husband that I thought I'd share with the world about how grateful I am for his constant love.


Just because I can't help it and I love this high contrast so much!


Patrick Johansson & shop update

I could really go for both of these white kitchens!

And...I feel like I need to apologize, again, for being sporadic with my posting. We've had a lot going on with our family lately, my sister is expecting a baby in December, and I've catching up with the shop as well as finishing up a brand new line of earrings & necklaces! I'll be honest, I am so exhausted! My goal is to update the shop in by the end of the week with over 32 new and entirely unique pieces! Each necklace & earring pair are one of a kind & ready to ship, that versus a lot of my made to order items.


well done vintage

I love the brightly colored upholstered pieces. I normally like very neutral colored upholstery but the colored buttons and headrests are done so well. For those of you in the Uk, take a look.



Sick of seeing photos of fireworks? Well here's some more.
We watched the show last night in the park with Jeremiah's family. We were all nervous about how Israel would respond but he loved them! And he got to stay up really late too, which he loved even more.

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