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drumroll please...


I'm excited to be having my first SALE, sort of.

Right now, I'm including a FREE pair of earrings with each order! It's sort of a surprise, so please let me choose the color.
Sale starts today and ends Friday at midnight!

Go here to see my new necklaces and lots of other handmade jewlery.

black, white and fur

It looks nice but I can't imagine a cowhide in my kitchen! Found here.

I'm still here


From this place.

Allison Miller


closet visit
closet visit
closet visit
closet visit

The latest Closet Visit & I love these red lips & woven oxfords.

early mornings


I have to get up waay before Israel if I want to get anything done. This morning, I made this. New in the shop & I kind of want one of these for me!

friday favorites


friday FAVES
It's a little late in the afternoon to be posting but both of my boys are napping so I'd better seize the moment!


Also, check out my new necklace giveaway on I Art U!

going outside


On nice days, Israel is obsessed with being outside. I can't blame him, I too want to be outdoors. We don't have a fenced in backyard though, barely a yard at all actually, so leaving the house isn't as fun as he hoped.
Behind our driveway there lives this horse. Israel is quite taken with him, laughing if ever he sees the horse's eyes peek over the fence. Personally, I think the horse is a jerk, walking away from us when we try to come say hi, sometimes just running in the opposite direction or doing what you can see in the picture, giving us his butt.
Still Israel thinks he's pretty nice, so who am I to tell him different?
I've done a little bit of planting including some Lamb's Ear, one of my most favorite plants! I'd still like to fill up the small raised beds we made with vegetables, but first we need lots of dirt to fill those babies up! I'll keep you updated, since I know you're just dying to know.

they're here!


Remember when I was talking about this necklace? Well here is what I came up with. My initial idea was to have them strung with embroidery floss, but I couldn't get over how, well, cheap it look that way. I made the beads smaller and the holes larger and instead used a silver chain. I like this much better actually.
Find them right here!



Found this at a yard sale over the weekend, for $12. Honestly, I don't know what I'll store in here. Maybe blankets? No, maybe extra magazines? Hmm, I think I'll stick with nothing for the moment as Israel would likely remove anything I put inside!



I'm sorry, I can't get enough of these Scandi interiors. From here.

Young Blood

I love Ungt Blod, such beautiful colors, I guess I'm on a color focused kick? Mette also has the sweetest little redhead, Elinor. Find them here.

I'm in need of color


A little cheering up is in order. I planted some flowers this week, hoping it would help but I still feel a little blue. Maybe it's because I need some yellow chairs or maybe I need some chocolate cake, anyone else?



Somehow my original version of this post was removed during the Blogger fiasco, it's back though! Just bought some green ones.


Sorry for the silence, we've had a lot going on and I haven't had time to sit and update the blog! I spent most of last night working on these pendants, I'm excited to get a bunch of necklaces listed in the shop! I'm thinking all gold chains unless it's a custom, what do you think?

today is Mother's Day


mom's day
I can't believe I've never posted a photo of my mother, what's wrong with me? She's an incredibly beautiful woman, more than blog-worthy!
If you don't like to read lovey dovey blog posts, you may want to look away for this one because it's about to head in that direction.

There's no possible way I could explain to you what my mom means to me, or how much I love & adore her. I can tell you that she was born to be a mother. Of course she's capable of doing so much more, but she's just a natural. Growing up as her daughter has been one of the greatest honors I think I'll ever know. She gave all of herself, all of her resources to raise my sister and I with the very best.
When I'd wake up from a nightmare, she would lay in bed next to me, rubbing my back until I fell asleep, missing out on precious sleep for herself. When driving through the country, passing by a mother cow giving birth, she would pull the car over to explain the wonders of new life. She would give up clothes for herself if it meant my sister and I would have new ones. She was the one who first encouraged my own creativity. Always buying me new crafts and projects to work on, she tirelessly taught me everything she knew about life. Who taught me how to cook eggs, how to sew, how to plant, how to laugh and be kind and think of others? She did. My mom was the one who went with me to every dress fitting and helped me pick out bouquets and cake frosting and hairstyles for my wedding. And how did she always have so much patience with me? I did not make it easy on her, yet she showed me love when I just wanted to rebel. Never did she show selfishness or impose her dreams for our lives on us.
She's the reason I am the wife and mother I am today. The reason that even when I feel that I'm in a situation so beyond my own ability, I think of how she would respond and I only want to be more like her. It's impossible to say that my mom isn't ridiculously generous, always stopping by our house in her way home (thought it's completely out of the way) to bring a toy or snack or new clothes for Israel.
She spends her days teaching young bilingual students, going to meetings, talking to parents, studying curriculums, studying for her graduate classes and even taking on extra fund raisers and organizing programs for students & their parents. Staying at home on the weekends and evenings to be home for my sister, even if just to see her for a moment.
The picture of a faithful wife, she's loved by everyone around her. Her sisters confide in her, her parents trust her, her friends admire her, her grandson is infatuated with her and I love her. How could I ever repay her for making me and everyone around her, including hundreds of 4th grade students, the people we are today. I can't. I can tell all of you that she's the best mother I could have asked for. Given the option of any woman on the earth, who ever lived or who ever will, and I would pick her. A million times over!
I love you mom, Happy Mother's Day!

And here's what we did today. Went for lunch and some window shopping. I found a dress that I fell in love with, see it here. Maybe I can put something aside for that thing, it's gorgeous! Jeremiah also bought me some flowers, I'll have to take pictures some other time. It's always a good mother's day when I get to be with my favorite boys!



I love this kitchen, are those stainless steal counter tops? The glossy wood floors look so clean, does anyone have white wood floors? I've always wondered if they chip easily or look dirty quickly?
Found here via Kerry's pin.



If you've already seen this around the web way too much, I'm sorry. I still love it and maybe you won't mind seeing it just once more! From Moa Lundberg & Lotta Agaton.



A little something I found yesterday, which makes me want neon accessories with lots of neutrals.

Annaleenas Hem

A somewhat new-to-me blog, I'm sure many of you are ahead of me and had already been reading Annaleena's blog. She's quite the DIY-er and keeps a beautiful home. Find her here.

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