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They're baaack! I've neglected to compile my favorites for several weeks but I'm back to it, as long as you like it.

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please chime in

I'm working on a few ideas for the shop. I love color gradients but do you? What sorts of pieces are you most drawn to? Personally, I like small, delicate, understated jewelry but maybe you feel differently. I want to hear what you think!

kitchen wishlist


First, I wish for a new kitchen, one like this. Then I wish for these.
From here.

black and blue


I think our landlord should really let us paint our cupboards black. Actually, I've always thought black cabinets would be nice but now even more because of this kitchen. Plus it's lets you have these bright colors like this blue, how great is that shade?
Found here through Nena's pin.

Bodie and Fou


These chairs are killing me, I love that reddish leather, it's beautiful. Making mental note of the photos taped to the wall.


This mobile wasn't exactly thrifted, though it does seem to be something vintage. I bought it here, a shop I frequent. I love it but will look much better once we get the office painted white. Feels like an enormous undertaking though.
An iron candle holder that's about 3 1/2 ft tall, I'm having a hard time finding a good spot for it. Also, the little woven box, because why not?
On my way out, as I often do, I scanned the ends of the shelves just in case there is that one little treasure I can't live without, this iron stand, for $.50, happened to catch my eye. I knew it would fit one of my plant ones and it seems to have been custom made for this square shaped one.
The kilim pillow cover was $1, how could I pass that up? The rosewood vase was also $1.
Still no interesting furniture though.

a home in Marseilles


Found here.



Does this seem too much like the post I just did two days ago?
I guess I've been a little without direction. I miss compiling my Favorites and I haven't had any interesting projects.
This was sort of how our day unfolded. Israel doesn't watch tv but we do let him watch Elmo sometimes and he loves it!
I have some new necklaces that I've been thinking of listing in the shop, along with some new earrings.
We have also been enjoying sweet potato fries with honey butter and cinnamon, easily a favorite snack at the house now.


I'm so glad this week is coming to an end. I can't shake being so exhausted and I'm thankful there's some parts of the week I don't have to relive. I am so grateful to some sun, how I wish our house was this bright.

day at the park


Israel had to be wondering why this hadn't happened sooner. I'll tell him why, because it's been the longest Winter ever. It's been cold and rainy and windy for what feels like weeks on end, so when you get a day with sun and some warmth, you go to the park.
Israel is a big fan of running, walking, climbing and just general curiosity.
How classy is that chocolate stain on his strap? I promise you it's only been there since yesterday because it's gross!
I also like how he felt compelled to point out and explain to us what grass is. He's very knowledgeable about these things, if we were just fluent in baby-ese.
We had a little picnic which consisted of Jeremiah and I taking turns inhaling food while the other walked behind Israel as he chased innocent birds around the lawn.
Afterwards, we went for a long walk, thinking we could tire him out for a nap. He ended up walking us.
And everything was right with the world.


I remember sporting this trend a lot when I was expecting Israel. I must have looked huge but I was comfortable and I didn't have to worry about finding pants and a top that would fit right.
All from here.



We still have to finish stripping the paint off of the dressers and find a way to repair one of the drawers but I'm relieved that our room is almost done. As much as it can be for a while. We don't have much furniture, just the bed and side tables with the dressers and chair. Right now I'm happy with some of the empty space but I also like that it gives me the opportunity to fill it up if I find something right. If I can keep toys and laundry out of here, I feel successful!

Conoce DC

I really wish I were here today.

found from Emma's blogg

the past couple days


I feel like I've been a neglectful blogger and I'm sorry. The last few days we've been spending together since Jeremiah has had vacation time he needed to use up. I wish I could say we've done something exciting but we haven't, mostly sleeping in, having breakfast late and running errands. Fun, right? Well actually we love being together so it's fun for us.
I forgot to mention this lamp from a few weeks ago, found it while thrifting for $2. It's so perfect for the living room where we needed just a little bit more light in the corner without having a full size table lamp.

Israel has needed a bath every morning for the last week, he wakes up drenched in pee, poor baby! Is this a boy thing or something to do with 18 mos? It seems even with night-time diapers, we can't prevent leaks on a daily basis. He loves baths so much and it's a great way to start the morning so I don't really mind.

The other night Jeremiah and I went out for a Monte Cristo, a very rare indulgence since we feel terrible immediately after, but boy are they good!

And of course, I've been maintaining the shop. It's a lot of work and I don't always have the time I'd like to invest into it but I'm always happy to see people responding so well to it and leaving positive feedback. I always want to hear that customers are happy when they receive their handmade jewelry, what more could you hope for?

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