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A modernist exterior with a high contrast interior, I'd like to befriend the residents.



It's that time of the week again, the time when I realize another week has passed and I've forgotten to collect my favorite handmade and vintage items. Shoot! I'm not really good at these weekly articles.
This little group really has no theme but I see I've chosen 3 different pieces of jewelry. I've been searching more and more for handmade jewelry because I'm growing ever so tired of cheap jewelry that falls apart so quickly. Not only that, it looks cheap. I'd rather have just a couple pairs of really well made earrings than a drawer full of crap. You know what I mean?

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I took the advice of the majority and kept this in a grid type format, it's easier this way anyways. As long as you like it, I'm happy!

thrifting part II


These were not thrifted, the title was a bit misleading. I just had to share Israel's new shoes. He's in between sizes so I have to order his shoes since it seems none of the local stores carries the size. Pretty cute huh? It feels kind of ridiculous since he'll grow out of them in a couple months but now that he's running everywhere, the boy needs some decent kicks!
Also, do you remember these Fisher price toys from when you were young? They are still making them, this pull-a-tune xylophone is the cutest. It plays a melody when you pull it, as the name implies, and Israel thinks he's so cool making music around the house.
Gem shaped crayons his Tia Linsey (my sister) bought him, I'm sort of sad to see them get broken but I guess that's what happens with boys. I can't remember the Etsy shop where she bought them but I'll update if I do.

We fed the ducks today. They surrounded us in angry droves and consumed a loaf of bread in about a minute. We left soon after.

Now about the thrifting we did yesterday. I found this pair of ceramic Japanese candle holders for $2/each. A teak bird for $3-his beak pinches closed and I'm trying to figure out what the original intention was for that. A $2 teak tray that I used to collect some pottery and our antenna, although I was liking how it disappeared into the white background and now putting it in the tray might defeat that. I might have to rearrange it. Still, I love trays and the wood is really lovely. And a drafting lamp, for $2.

Thanks also to Anna and Rachelle for the Polaroid film suggestion!


When Jeremiah has the day off, you can find us bumming around the house, playing hide-and-go-seek on mommy and daddy's bed and thrifting. I keep hoping I'll find some great chair or small table or even an old metal lamp but we only find little things. That's if we're lucky. 6 stores and we left empty handed until the last stop. I'll take more pictures of what we found and post them later. The polaroid was one of our finds but now I have to scout ebay for film. Bummer.

time vacuum

Do you ever get sucked into a site, you know, how hours pass without you realizing? Ok, maybe hour(s) is a bit of a stretch but yesterday I spent way too much time here, thumbing through page after page of beautiful images. Check it out and see you if get pulled into its vortex and don't blame me if you do!

a little man


Israel is nearly 17 months now, unbelievable how he's grown so big. I was watching him push his farm animals around the house in his wagon and had to laugh at how much he looks like a small man with his skinny jeans and plaid shirt. He's wearing cookie monster socks though, it's his secret to staying young.

new butterfly light


My new Schioler butterfly pendant arrived last week, unassembled and still in box. It was missing instructions but honestly, I don't think you need any to begin with. I would have loved a red one but the white is beautiful too. Right now it's actually replacing the Fado glad bulb until the cord arrives but I'm surprised at how well it works. It looks nice above the table but I originally wanted it for the living room...still unsure of where it will end up.

This is the window sill right next to the iMac. I'm really glad to have something green to look at after all of this cold weather and snow. It's ridiculously unpredictable here and it feels like we've experienced Spring to the dead of Winter in the past few days. I don't mind Winter too much, the snow is ethereal and pretty but I love Spring too. I just don't want both simultaneously, ok weather?!

happy weekend


Few places are perfect enough to want to live in day after day but I could abandon what I have if it meant starting over here, not to mention downsizing quite a bit. Every detail in so perfect and not overdone, I think it's the perfect send off for the weekend.

found here and here


I sort of feel like I need to start over, again, next week. Only gone for 3 days but the house feels like chaos. Maybe I can achieve organized chaos this weekend. Regardless, here are a few of my top handmade and vintage favorites. I'm playing around with the right layout for these, which do you prefer? Something like this grid type layout or the circular cutouts? I'd love to know!

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Finn Juhl

Sorry for being M.I.A. for the last few days. I was in Michigan for a meeting and didn't get back home until last night at 1 am. It feels so so good to be home. I missed Israel like crazy! Also, I'm a nervous passenger. I don't hyperventilate or anything like that but I do find myself having anxiety while I imagine all of the possible catastrophes that could happen when flying. The last 20 minutes of my flight into Boise were full of turbulence and air pockets so I was white knuckled until we landed.
So glad to be home.
I'll explain a bit more about the trip and post a few photos as well. Maybe tomorrow. We'll see.
Finn Juhl's house tour, too tired to tell you that I like it, mid century goodness.

little circus


Can I even tell you how much I'd like to shop here? I mean in person, to walk around playing with toys and clothes and shoes. It all looks incredibly well collected and terribly fun.

what's new


dining room
Got both Strings up in the dining area, we like them a lot!

living room
It's been a week since we took our road trip to IKEA, that went by fast. I don't mind the drive, but that may be because Jeremiah lets me sleep for the first couple hrs until I wake up dazed and confused about 3 hrs out. He's a good husband, letting me sleep like that. I returned the favor on the way back of course. We bummed my grandpa's SUV for the trip, which has no working radio or CD player, lucky us. I don't know how we passed the time because we didn't do much talking. You know how when you're first dating, or married, there's always so much to talk about? I guess we're old farts now because we both enjoy the silence.

Anyways, we wanted to get some storage system for the office and decided on a trio of these VIKA ALEX drawer units. They're made to support a table top but I like them freestanding and they store a lot of paper, neatly.

We also bought a pair of ASPVIKs for the living room. I moved the vintage buffet to the bedroom where he is sitting, waiting to either be stripped of the paint on the drawers and stained or totally painted another color. Not sure yet...

I also fell in love with the new STOCKHOLM lamp, I think we can all see the resemblance to this, right? I first saw it here but didn't think it would be available yet. There were only two in store. It's really high quality, sturdy and beautiful. I doubt I'll ever own the $800+ real thing so I'm quite content with this. We also bought some shelves for Israel's bedroom, he's becoming a light weight toy collector so I've got to make more room.
We didn't do too much damage, it wasn't a let's-stock-up-for-the-rest-of-the-year trip.

Oh, and a non IKEA item I recently purchased, this cute little German made play stove top. I need to find a better ledge for it but it seems to be the right height on the living room table. He is already pretending to feed me soup from his ladle and turns the knobs. He's by far the best thing I have!



I knew this would be an instant favorite, Riikka is an amazing photographer and I've followed all of her blogs. This newest project is one to keep a close eye on, Road Trip In Finland.
I love the brightness of this home and how kid friendly it is. Accomplishing a place where adults and kids can dwell in harmony without compromising good design, it's the ultimate goal.


Here is my list of handmade and vintage favorites, I promised I'd get this posted this week and I did!
Now to fulfill the rest of what I promised. I'll get something up about the IKEA trip soon.

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a little thrifting


This morning we hit up a few thrift stores. Has any other mom out there tried to do serious treasure hunting with a little one(s)? First of all, everything is gross and I'm always trying to prevent Israel from touching and grabbing things, then washing his hands every chance I get. Also, this whole stopping at 20 different stores, getting out and looking around for 15 minutes is not the ideal way to spend your day when you're 16 mos old!
We did find a few things. I spotted some old pottery, with small handles and tiny spouts, maybe for small candles or as bud vases. I tossed them in the cart but ended up ditching them at the register. I couldn't think of where I could possibly put them so they didn't make the cut.
I did keep these teak triangular napkin rings. They have small slits at the top, I'm guessing to hold name cards. Handy, if I ever have a formal dinner with just two other people?! I also found this IKEA PS tealight holder for $2, new in box. Probably not a big deal for those of you who live around the corner from the Swedish mecca but for us who are at least 5+ hrs from one, it's kind of a score.
The best part of my day though? Watching these two guys make their way, very slowly, through the parking lot. Israel was totally spent by the time we headed home. Actually, he threw a full blown tantrum but I can't say I blame him. He's napping now. :)

I'll be better next week


I mean that in more ways than one, next week has a lot to live up to. I forgot to put together my favorites list and have only posted very sparsely. I apologize. I also promise not to feature so much food! What is that about?

Yesterday Jeremiah & I took a road trip to IKEA, something we do once a year. We try to stock up if we can, knowing we probably won't be taking the 11 hr round trip again for a while. I can't believe how much work it is to leave for just a day. My mom watched Israel because what 16 month old wants to drive 5 1/2 hrs just to shop for 3 and get back on the road to head home? I know none.

He had a great day with his "Abui", short for abuelita, and we came home exhausted. I'll show you what we got next week. I can tell you this, I'm the one who assembles all furniture in our house. Jeremiah is a guy's guy, don't misunderstand me, he has the capabilities, he just lets me do it because I get so excited about it. I really do, I've assembled every piece of furniture in the house, with only a few exceptions. I'm tired though and really want to get all of the cardboard out of my living room.

Here's my lunch during the trip. I have to say I love their food, maybe just because I work up a hunger but it is always so good. Princess cake, my new favorite dessert!

before & after


before & after

My mother-in-law bought me this great cast iron pot for Christmas. I love the bright red enamel and it's the perfect size for us. I didn't like the big, branded Martha Stewart handle it came with, however. I remembered seeing these knobs at the craft store and, just my luck, they fit perfectly. I already ditched the packaging but I believe they were meant as decorative ends for dowels...or something like that?!
I thought about staining it with a little Danish Oil but feared it might be too dark in comparison to the red so I just rubbed it with some Olive Oil, something I've done to finish wood surfaces for Israel's toys and it works well enough.
//update// I don't know if the wooden knob is oven safe, to answer your questions, but I don't plan on baking with it, at least not until I find out for sure if it's safe or not!

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