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I'm done, hopefully


Looks like we finished most of what we've been working on. I hope I didn't build this thing up too much, it's not like I'm having someone completely rewrite the layout, just a few tweaks to hopefully better suit my content.

It's always hard to do things like this, not just because we're not pros here and our schedules don't allow to using up lots of time to play around but also because I realize a lot of this is for all of you guys, my awesome viewers! I don't say it enough but I really do appreciate each one of you who faithfully tune in and allow be to continue to do something I enjoy.

I have some really minor things to finish up, spacing and what not but I think I'm going to breathe a sigh of relief knowing I can move on to other things like, oh, organize my kitchen cupboards! I realize also that I completely missed posting my handmade/vintage favorites but I'll have a new set this week, I promise!

Also, how many of you out there Pinterest? I considered adding a tab for that but maybe it's not worth it. In case you do, here are my boards. It's quite addicting and a lazy way of bookmarking and cataloging images.

Yesterday we walked over to my favorite bakery and decided on a mini Tiramisu, pictured above behind the text and this chocolate filled thing. Really, really good, do I even need to say that?

Jeremiah grabbed a cinnamon roll muffin and I'm guessing he enjoyed it equally as much because I don't remember seeing him take it from the bag and inhale it.

I love his toggle jacket, I'm jealous of guys' clothes sometimes.

Oh, and the mushrooms! Our good friends are organic farmers who also happen to grow these. Wish I could tell you all of their names but I just can't. All I know is that the black ones are best, just a little butter and garlic. Mmm.



From Danish company Hay. They have the best quilts too.

Also, let me address the still unfinished blog. We're working on it and it's taking much longer than I had hoped but real life has a way of being self important. I can't make any promises but it should be looking legit sometime this week, fingers so crossed.

spending freeze ending & explanation


The spending freeze is nearly done and I didn't come up with a bunch of creative alternatives to spending money because some of the required money or I ended up being busy enough that I didn't need to find projects. One thing I did do though, which probably sounds very "high school" is empty my closet and made outfits for myself.

Sometimes I just see one big blur when I go to get dressed and don't have time to try different combinations to find the right look. I already keep to somewhat of a color palette when I shop, usually keeping with black, white, grey, nudes and brown. Boring? Maybe, but it makes it easier for this busy mom to leave the house presentably.

These aren't exactly outfits as they are groups of tops and dresses but I liked the way the groups looked together. Taking everything out and looking at it from a different perspective actually makes me feel a little bit like I bought new clothes. Still, I'm glad that the no shopping rule is coming to an end.

As for the explanation...the blog has had some minor changes, new grey background and white boxes as well as an absence of a header and other personal links. For those of you who have tried to edit their own blog html on very limited knowledge, you know how time consuming it can be to change your layout. The husband and I are still on the works of getting a proper blog back up and running, but until we're finished, don't worry, I haven't gone anywhere. Seriously, I'm probably just right here at home still!



I am exhausted, anyone else? I feel like I need a weekend from the weekend. I'm headed to bed early so I should be feeling better tomorrow. Back to the grind, or "bump and grind" as my husband likes to call it.
I try to stay away from the computer when Israel is awake but he just loves dancing to Miffy's songs, I had to let him. How does he already know how to hold a mouse? Is it a boy thing?
My sister bought me these shoes for Christmas and I love the patter so much. Someday when I'm old and only feel like wearing orthopedic shoes I can look back at what I used to wear.
Speaking of wear...I cheated a little, only $7 worth though! I found this sweater for the husband and at that price, and considering there was just one left, in his size no less, I was obligated to get it. He still dreams of dressing like an old fisherman, every day. Beard and pipe included.
We finished off the night with some roasted tomato Bruschetta and olives, photographed on my kitchen counter, or as I like to call it, the ugliest counter in the world. Seriously, beige textured tile all over the kitchen and bathrooms? What were they thinking? If we ever decided to buy this place, I would rip these out with my bare hands immediately. Like yesterday.

livet hemma


Ikea livet hemma
We live about 5 hrs away from the nearest Ikea and take our annual trip around this time. We're leaving in a couple weeks and have our list, checked twice. Not on the list, a new kitchen and bathroom! Someday though I'll have the kitchen I actually want and not ugly, textured tile counters.

from Livet Hemma and Tiger



need supply
From Need Supply Co's lookbook, weekend looks. If only my weekends looked so good.



1,2,3,4,5,6 (left to right, top to bottom)

edamame spread


I made this yesterday on a whim and Jeremiah, my husband, is already asking for more.
It doesn't take long and you only need three ingredients, edamame, olive oil and garlic.
I just nuked the beans in the microwave with a tiny bit if water for a few minutes and
then popped all the beans out of the pods. On medium heat I warmed about 3 tlb olive oil
and 1 tsp minced garlic. After a minute or so I added to beans to warm altogether. Once
the garlic looks toasted, I scraped everything into a food processor and minced until
everything was like a thick puree.
We liked it with pretzels but it's totally open for interpretation and would probably be
just as good with crackers or other things.



I've followed Brinja's blog and home for a few weeks now and just found it on Skona Hem.
Isn't the giant map perfect? Oh and the green chairs. The mix of vintage and Ikea is
right up my alley. See the rest here and her blog as well.

as promised, thrifted


I mentioned earlier that I went thrifting with my sister and would share what I found
this week. She found a pair of tops for work and I found this Braun aromaster coffee maker
for $4! It's in great condition and works perfectly. The base doubles as a warmer so it
keeps the coffee warm for a long time. We had a porcelain carafe which is supposed to
insulate and keep the fluid hot for long but the warmer on this glass carafe actually keeps
the heat much better.
I also found this tiny Viking creature, small pottery and blouse for $6. It's hard to tell
in the photo but the top half of the blouse is a solid black silk and the bottom is a
sheer, swiss dot type of fabric.
I think I can pat myself on the back for not breaking the $10 rule. I had a little bit of
anxiety about going on a spending freeze for a whole month but it's been easier than I
first thought. We've spent a little more time keeping up with grocery shopping and
reading more books.

Did you see my new blanket? My grandparents, who are from Guatemala, gave this to me
for Christmas. It's big, and wool and warm and I love the pattern so much!

I also wanted to mention the fabric print in the background, behind the chair, is from here!
Amy was kind enough to send one to me a while ago and I keep forgetting to mention it.
The thin fabric lets you frame or stretch the print around a canvas. Very cool.



One of my aunts lives in a very rural area with lots of land and trees and animals. We heard
that two of her sheep had babies and had to make the drive to show Israel. It was bitter
cold so we weren't able to spend too much time with all the crazy animals but Israel did
find some fresh eggs, get much too close to Sam, the dog, and only briefly look at the sheep
babies before he had enough. I, on the other hand, had to say hello to the roosters, new
calf, goats, horses and sheep. Aren't they sweet? The lighter baby was very curious about
me and started to venture near the fence but I could her the mama making some cautionary
noises so she only made it half way. Pretty freaking adorable right?
I think goats are screepy, kind of reminded me of furry, long-eared, very curious people.

free lunch


I mentioned in the previous post that I was thrifting with my sister but I didn't say
that we stopped and had lunch at this really great Vietnamese baguette deli. We each
ordered different sandwiches and split them with each each so we each had a half of a
teriyaki chicken and meatball baguette along with a Boba green tea smoothie. I love the
little tapioca beads at the bottom and those super fat straws they serve the drinks with.
Oh, and she was kind enough to treat me, although I bought the only a tiny bit
of a cheat from the spending freeze.
Oh, and I know these look like Cilantro sandwiches but trust me, there was meat in there too!

street style

Tell me, does everyone in Stockholm wear photo worthy clothes? My sister and I went thrifting
today and saw leopard everywhere, ponchos, silk blouses and even on pillows. I came home
with a black top and pottery, I'll post those later this week.




A few of my favorite handmade items, all sort of just happened to have these natural, earthy
tones to them.
I wanted you all to chime in because I was thinking of making these "favorites"
a weekly thing, with a different theme each week of course. Do you like it or not?
Oh, and here's the links for you too.
bag, comb, fox, slippers, ring, pillow, mobile


Ok, we didn't actually make New Year's resolutions but we did set some goals. For me, buy more shoes! That wasn't truthful either, though I could manage to stick to that goal for the year. I want to be more thoughtful about purchases like clothes and other items that find their way into our home on a regular basis and too many times these items that felt like a necessity when we bought them, have much shorter life spans than we intended. I admit I do this with clothes far too often, find something I like in the moment and just a couple months later I'm on to the next thing.
The cup, that I bought last month, will be around for a while. I love the cork base which obviously keeps from heat transferring to your digits but also has the best texture. Oh, and I like the lack of a handle, I never use those anyways.



I realize this included spending money but before you try to shake your finger at me, we
decided that minor thrifting would be acceptable, as long as you don't leave the store spending more than $10.
So, yesterday I found a small cast iron skillet for frying eggs, wooden
handled whisk and my favorite, this sweater coat...all for less than $6. Isn't the
pattern cool? It's doesn't even look like it had ever been worn, the yarn is smooth with
no piling. My husband thinks the tiny skillet is silly but sometimes just one fried egg
is all I need!

a week of the freeze


Somehow we've made it a whole week with our spending freeze. I wish I could tell you
we've had some exciting alternative activities to buying but we have really just been
home more. If it were any kind of reasonable temperature outside, I'd love to be outdoors
and take Israel to the park, or to feed the ducks, but a week of freezing temps excludes
outdoor activities. I have, though, been trying to brush up on my cooking skills as many
nights we end up making a bowl of cereal our dinner.
Last night I made stir fry, which I had actually never made before. It turned out great
and the whole family enjoyed it, Israel only able to have the squash and noodles though.
Oh, don't worry, I didn't let him eat that almond slice he snatched form my plate. He's
scary quick!

Oh, and I'd love to offer a recipe but there really was no need for one here, just cooking
meat, adding vegetables, noodles and sauce. Totally easy.

work & napping


Israel finally started walking this week, it's been so exciting. Also, he's barely been
napping. Maybe this new discovery has him restless, not sure. We typically use his nap
time to get things done that we could not otherwise do when the little guy's awake. Maybe
next week he'll get back to his 2 1/2 naps and we can be more productive again!
Also, be sure to check out these office desks, I also feel like be need a better one so I'm continually on the lookout.

modernist cabin


I would love to live in a cabin like this, even if we got snowed in for a few days, the
view is beautiful. The plywood walls are so fitting for a cabin but even so here in the
Northwest where we have short, cold and snowy days as well.


the weekend in pictures & day 3

We made it two whole days without spending money, well except for a few groceries and
filling up the car with gas of course, the car must eat too apparently.
Saturday we walked around the city to kill time, although it was bitterly cold so the
walk was cut short in order to preserve our cold little digits. I had my ammo, lots of
little organic biscuits for Israel to munch on while we drove nearly 40 minutes either
way. I also got a new scarf, but don't panic, it was an exchange so it cost me nothing,
that's perfectly legal.
By Sunday we were back in the car again, this time to get a few food items to last us
the week...hopefully. Poor Israel was tired of the car but tried to make the best of
another trip. I bought him some almond cookies for the ride home which made us all
I also made some mashed sweet potatoes for dinner, among other things of course, and
used my new cast iron pot that I was given for Christmas. See, there was a strategy to
choosing January as the month to hold back on frivolous purchases.

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