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For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you may have seen that Israel has Croup. We took him in to the ER two nights ago because he woke up with a terrible sounding cough. Poor guy just isn't himself and needs more tlc frm his mama, and in the mean time the list of things I need to get done just multiplies. I often wonder how other moms do it who are self employed? Do they multitask? Hire a sitter? Work late into the night?

Above are a few of my new pieces.


  1. Aww I feel you.... My 2yr old has croup right now too!
    It's awful and you feel so helpless.... Do lots of
    steam, cool mist humidifier and some Tylenol. I just did
    a post on my blog about my sick baby must haves!!!
    I hope for a speedy recovery

  2. My daughter (now 9) had croup several times when she was between 2-3 yrs old. It was horrible, and although the doctors and my daughter said it wasn't a painful cough, it sounded terrifying. I remember not getting much sleep, wrapping her up in warm blankets and sitting out on my front porch with the lights off in the cold air. That was what worked best for us. If that didn't work, sometimes we would sit in the bathroom and steam up the shower until her cough quieted and she'd fall asleep in my arms. I do NOT miss those days. Good luck, I hope he feels better soon!

  3. Oh no. Get well soon Israel. Sorry to hear of that. I hope he recovers quickly. Your new pieces are lovely....and I’m a work late into the night mum as you to do list is still massive (which is pretty depressing) though! Take care all of you :) x

  4. Hang in there Jen, hope you get some down time this weekend. These new pieces are stellar!

  5. I feel your pain, I have no idea how we do it. Miracles I think.

  6. Oh I do hope the wee one is a bit better. Its awful when they are poorly. The working mum bit too is so so hard- a wing and a prayer is how I get by. You are super organised so I know you will get through those lists. Best wishes to you and yours. Jxx


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