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some souvenirs


We didn't buy much during out trip to PDX but we found so many great little shops, we didn't come home empty handed either. This set of German made Weck jars are from Canoe. The little Donna Wilson tumbler is from Ink & Peat, more photos of this beautiful shop to come... Jeremiah found this type book from Powell's. I stayed right next to Jeremiah the whole time, the size of this book store was so eerie, and we had to trek 4 floors to get to the art section.
And we stopped at Ikea for lunch on our way out and got some shelves and a few other little things. Jeremiah and I were surprised at how much we could cram into the back of our little car, good to know for next time! The little clothes for Israel are from H&M. They had some cute things but a very small selection. I found some little toggle sweaters for him too but nothing in his size, darn.

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