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Motherhood & creating jewelry make it hard to have nice nails. I just did a glitter ombre effect to my nails a few days ago and sad to say they've almost completely chipped off. I am way too hard on my hands, but seriously can't help it. I should go and get a professional manicure so it would last longer. Any of these would be nice!

from my Pinterest


  1. I'm freaking out over that one on the bottom left, so cute. Totally softens up how harsh black nails can be.

  2. thank you, i am now going to go home and glam up my nails a bit, i'm thinking a little glitter myself, like in your previous post, but the french mani-colors would be cute too!

  3. I have repinned every single one of your nail pins. Love them. I have been practicing the ombré thing and have had an extremely high usage of nail polish remover over the last few days. Getting close I think. How long it will last is another story.

  4. love these! thanks for posting. love the matte black/glossy black french manicure one. they are all really great.i really like your glitter ones you posted the other day. but yes, no time or patience for my nails. i work in a lab and wash my hands like crazy.

  5. i'm so digging fun nails of late. the "orange" manicure pushed me out of my comfort zone...big time ;-)

  6. I tried the black on black with no success, I need steady hands!!

  7. I've pretty much got the same issue and I blame it on our lack of a dishwasher. Sometimes it feels like all I do is dishes. Someone told me to buff them first and that seems to help!

  8. YAY! I LOVE THESE!! Just shared on my site - can not wait to try these!! So inspired, thanks for posting!

  9. This is beautiful. I love the coffee and beige hues


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