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I'm back!


Hello! The August Break is over and I'm feeling like a real blogger again!

I want to incorporate more interior spaces as well as shots of my own home. And of course I will still update you with news about my shop, Israel and (fingers crossed) some DIY's.
So glad to be blogging again, hope you all are having a wonderful Thursday!

All items from my Pinterest.


  1. Hello and welcome back. Looking forward to your posts already! Has fall begun yet where you live? We seem to get some sunshine at last after a terribly rainy summer...

  2. glad you're back! :) hope the august break proved restful and refreshing!

  3. I love these pictures.. especially the peonies!

  4. Glad your back! I have had the french glitter manicure on the brain since I saw it on Pinterest.

  5. glad you're back! I'm addicted to your pinterest.


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