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from the weekend


I spent the morning yesterday, cleaning and organizing. Israel's birthday is Friday & we're having family over this weekend, the reason for the tissue confetti.
My sister is having a girl (yay!) in December & I had to get this little onesie for her.
Last night I made eggs benedict for the first time & it was a success! Jeremiah had never tried it before and I think it's a new favorite for him. I used ham instead of Canadian Bacon & I think it was delicious.


  1. There's a place in my city that has all these fun variations of Eggs Benny. I'm not a fan of them but Nick loves it!

    Also, I always love seeing photos of your home. It's perfect!

  2. love those tissue paper circles... that looks like a fun party!

  3. hi first eggs benedict?! wow. well good job. looks delicious. also congrats to your sister! wahoo !
    ps, !

  4. I love your pictures!


  5. I love Israel's new bedding! Is he loving his big boy bed? Jmae

  6. Oh, I love little flower in the corner. xoxo

  7. I use regular bacon in my eggs benedict with avocado and its delish!

  8. Love eggs benedict! Looks like you mastered it! Beautiful pics & home. congrats to your sis & love your jewlery!

  9. Very nice, thanks for sharing.

  10. Oh- I love that tissue confetti! I just want to throw it in the air and let it rain down on me! :D

    star-crossed smile

  11. I love those pine tree throw pillows!


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