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happy father's day


We didn't go out for Father's Day, this was actually the day before but it's a cute (camera phone) picture of Jeremiah & Israel. We had pickled vegetables with tomato, mozzarella & pesto sandwiches. Israel had a banana Nutella sandwich, basically a form of dessert and we made a mess.
Have I ever mentioned what an amazing dad Jeremiah is? Well he is. A lot of moms say that about their husbands but this time it's for real. He's incredibly involved in Israel's life and well being. He does it all. Bathing, feeding, diaper changing, book reading, dressing, taking walks, dancing, singing, laughing, playing. Jeremiah has never shyed away from doing anything and everything Israel needs. He's never just handed Israel to me when it was too much to bear, his patience is astonishing and he truly enjoys being a dad. He involves our son in even the most boring household tasks but seems to find a way to make them fun and exciting. Israel just adores his dad for that. It's so great to see that Israel will go to either of us equally because he trusts and knows us the same. Though I'm with Israel the majority of the time, I can say that Israel is just as close to his father as he is to me.
We are so blessed to have a man in our lives who is very devoted and caring for us.
See what I mean, I wasn't joking about him being an amazing dad, he actually is.

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