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friday favorites


friday FAVES
It's a little late in the afternoon to be posting but both of my boys are napping so I'd better seize the moment!


Also, check out my new necklace giveaway on I Art U!


  1. Love them all! Thank you so much Jennifer
    for featuring my earrings!

  2. Oh I adore those shoes...and that tie dye top...I wanted to say that I love your jewelry too..Very much so! Thanks for visiting my blog today, I am not ready for summer either! Must get on with some exercise!!

  3. i love the clutch!

    it's it so awesome when the house is quiet and you have the whole house to yourself! yes seize the moment! and yes I entered the giveaway over at jen's blog!!

  4. I love the products but I'm really soaking up the design of the post too!! love it all!

  5. LOVING your favorites! that necklace and purse are wicked.


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