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sunday supper


I haven't felt like cooking much lately, which my mother scolded me for when she found out. It's a lot of work and I loathe the mess so it's been less frequent. Maybe I've also been uninspired?
I had some imitation crab meat that I needed to do something with so I mixed it with a tiny bit of stone ground mustard, mayo, diced celery, onion & bell peppers and feta cheese. I layered spinach on a piece of crisp bread with a little lemon juice and it is my husband's "new favorite", he tells me.
The way to a man's heart is paved with crab salad, unless he's allergic of course.


  1. Totally going to try this!!!- I LOVE imitation crab meat :), lol. I just wish we could call it something else.

  2. And it looks good :)

    @made to travel : I think this is what is called in France 'surimi' and I think this sounds more appealing than 'imitation crab meat' lol

  3. This looks really good! I'm always at a loss for what to do with imitation crab. I love crab so much but I also like imitation crab. (I don't like to cook at all! Luckily Geoff is happy to do all the cooking... phew!)

  4. Oh I like that better Alexia!!! Taking it!

  5. Yum!! What a great and easy little meal! Thanks for sharing :)

  6. I say for inspiration that you do a once a week food article with a recipe you made during the week.. Thats if its in the budget of course. But I think it would give the viewers something to look forward to as well as give you a reason to wanna whip something up that u made either from a new recipe or from one of your own.. You can post pics as well as the recipe so maybe we can take a crack at it or maybe we can swap some of our own recipes.. What do you think?

  7. @Joshua
    It's a good idea and something to strive for but I don't know that I can make any extra commitments at the moment.
    I'll keep this in the back of my mind though, thank you!

  8. Thanks for the good idea. Tonights it´s crab sandwich.

  9. I am so with you on this one. Like you said, it's really the cleaning after that is the big drag. Your crab salad does look good though :)

  10. Looks great, very yummy : ) I am going to try this. Joshua is right you can try and do recipes of your own, because every time you post something about your food, looks delicious, think about it : ) . Have a nice day!

  11. Looks delicious...I'm now inspired for lunch!

  12. I'm giving it a go! It sounds delish!
    Thanks for inspiring me to get into the kitchen...not an easy feat!!


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