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day at the park


Israel had to be wondering why this hadn't happened sooner. I'll tell him why, because it's been the longest Winter ever. It's been cold and rainy and windy for what feels like weeks on end, so when you get a day with sun and some warmth, you go to the park.
Israel is a big fan of running, walking, climbing and just general curiosity.
How classy is that chocolate stain on his strap? I promise you it's only been there since yesterday because it's gross!
I also like how he felt compelled to point out and explain to us what grass is. He's very knowledgeable about these things, if we were just fluent in baby-ese.
We had a little picnic which consisted of Jeremiah and I taking turns inhaling food while the other walked behind Israel as he chased innocent birds around the lawn.
Afterwards, we went for a long walk, thinking we could tire him out for a nap. He ended up walking us.
And everything was right with the world.

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