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We still have to finish stripping the paint off of the dressers and find a way to repair one of the drawers but I'm relieved that our room is almost done. As much as it can be for a while. We don't have much furniture, just the bed and side tables with the dressers and chair. Right now I'm happy with some of the empty space but I also like that it gives me the opportunity to fill it up if I find something right. If I can keep toys and laundry out of here, I feel successful!


  1. I have to say it again - I like your way of furnishing very much, it's similar to ours :)

  2. I love those dressers. Stripping paint is so much work, but will be so worth it with those pieces.

  3. It looks very nice, love your side tables and the accessories.Have a nice day.

  4. i thought that the unfinished painted dresser was done! it's like a flower at the end of the painted part! love it

  5. Billy ball flowers always make me smile! :) Glad to hear you're making progress!

  6. It looks so clean, lovely!


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