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thrifted & more blue


Did some quick drive-thru thrifting, which is where we just happen to drive buy a thrift store and pull in on a whim, and am I sure glad we did!
Can you believe this Miffy clock? Israel and I were equally excited to find this on our way out, for $4. It doesn't quite work though, the second hand starts to move but then gets stuck, so the other two hands don't move either. Bummer.
It was caked with dust and though I was able to remove a lot, there's still some there that I can't quite reach.
I found the dustpan over the weekend. Says "Japan" on the back and it's just the right size for cleaning crumbs off the table. Israel is also very fond of this find, it's perfect for his little hands and you'd think we bought it just for him to pretend to sweep!
The Dansk kobenstyle pot is from my sister-in-law who knew I love these pots and was fortunate enough to find one. I am fortunate enough to be related to her!


  1. what a cool pot! and that clock is adorable.. hopefully you guys can fix it :)

  2. That dustpan is so cute!! Love the clock too. Nice finds : )

  3. You can try to replace the "movement" mechanism in the clock. I think they are pretty easy to swap out, and they are usually under $10. We love miffy, and I'm a little obsessed with clocks, so I'm sitting here drooling over your fantastic find!

  4. Nice pot, looks great in blue and the Miffy clock is so cute!

  5. wooo, I just found a red one!! Dansk luck all around!

  6. What great finds/gifts! Ha I want to see Israel use the broom!

  7. that blue color is just so fantastic!

  8. Oh Miffy!! That clock is brilliant! I was crazy about Miffy when I was little - I still have 5 of the original books on my book shelf! Too cute :)

  9. In Holland, Where I live, Miffy is called Nijntje and I love it! :D
    I was lucky enough to find also a card game designed by Dick Bruna few months ago...and I love it as well ;)

    Thanks for sharing!


  10. the dustpan is so cute :)

  11. i had the same problem with a thrifted clock that i loved, so i just took the back off and removed the second's been ticking along just fine ever since. great finds!


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