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thank you


We had these small berry like flowers in our wedding, nearly 4 years ago. Can't remember what they're called but I love seeing them in the house.

Also, I wanted to express how grateful Jeremiah & I are for your heart felt comments and prayers of Israel. I feel like I have the BEST readers, how can I ever possibly thank you for all of your support? If I could email you all flowers, I would.
I just wanted you all to know that while we experienced some really raw emotions last week after hearing the opinions of doctors, we also feel very grateful. Israel is such a smart, fun loving boy who's blessed our lives in innumerable ways. As heart breaking as motherhood can be at times, children are such a gift and we can't imagine what we ever did before him.
As I feel it appropriate I will update you about Israel. I've found that continuing to blog and maintain my normal routines is actually a big help and not a burden, so it is my goal to not be sporadic but consistent as I can be.
Your encouragement has meant the world.


  1. Tried to catch you this morning but missed ya...I did try and let Tru play w Israel a bit-but neither wanted anything to do w one another ha. I have a DIY I want to do w you sometime soon! Love you all!

  2. love the berries, so sweet, love you heaps!

  3. dear jen, you are such a sweet person! the flowers are adorable, just like your thank you note! we will be here with our hearts open to hear from you! :) hugs, twiggs

  4. Lovely flowers, and I am happy that you feel better. Motherhood sometimes is hard, but like you said children are a beatiful gift, the best : ) . So keep doing what you love. Have a nice day.

  5. i looked the berries up for you: hypericum berries (st. john's wort)

    caring for a little one takes a parent through the whole range of emotions. how do we survive? by sharing the experiences with others. hang in there and keep doing what you do :)

  6. it's YOUR blog and you should share as much or as little as you want regarding sweet israel. either way, i hope all is well. hang in there.

  7. It's a blessing to be a part of your world!

    Gorgeous little buds

  8. i am so glad that you will continue to share and allow us to be a part of your life. it is a gift to us too. you inspire me. i really mean that. :)

  9. Dear Jennifer, I should go to bed now but I want to leave you a quick note, sorry I missed your earlier post about little Israel, it has been so hectic lately, being a mum myself, I can so understand you and feel your pain and joy, wish the best for you all and much love to little Israel.

  10. :) I hope it all works out! I'm happy that you're going to continue blogging.

    Those flowers ARE gorgeous!

  11. Hope all is well! Thanks for letting us be a part of your journey.


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