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thank you


We had these small berry like flowers in our wedding, nearly 4 years ago. Can't remember what they're called but I love seeing them in the house.

Also, I wanted to express how grateful Jeremiah & I are for your heart felt comments and prayers of Israel. I feel like I have the BEST readers, how can I ever possibly thank you for all of your support? If I could email you all flowers, I would.
I just wanted you all to know that while we experienced some really raw emotions last week after hearing the opinions of doctors, we also feel very grateful. Israel is such a smart, fun loving boy who's blessed our lives in innumerable ways. As heart breaking as motherhood can be at times, children are such a gift and we can't imagine what we ever did before him.
As I feel it appropriate I will update you about Israel. I've found that continuing to blog and maintain my normal routines is actually a big help and not a burden, so it is my goal to not be sporadic but consistent as I can be.
Your encouragement has meant the world.

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