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I can't bear to think of starting a post without mentioning the heaviness I feel for the people of Japan. While feeding Israel lunch before laying him down for a nap, I couldn't help but think about all of the displaced people that are without family members and homes, even cities. I thought about them again as I laid Israel down in his crib with clean sheets and a warm blanket and the humming of his air purifier that lulled him to sleep. How many mothers were experiencing similar daily routines with their children just days ago? And again tonight when Jeremiah and I tucked Israel into bed for the night, we prayed for the missing survivors who are yet to be found. How very sad it is.

I'm not even sure how to transition from such a somber thought other than to say this morning I had tea on this Japanese made tray I recently thrifted. I think I'm going to try to make tea a part of my morning routine. There's something so simple and still rewarding about heating up water and pouring it over a packet of tea. It's little things like this that I will not take for granted.


  1. we are so lucky to be here and have our loved ones right by our sides. my heart has been heavy all weekend...feeling helpless...

    a morning tea ritual (and lighting a candle as well) is my favorite part of the's such a good way to start. although i don't get to it every day...

    often the act of making and drinking tea is better for me than the actual tea itself. there is the best tea shop here in san luis obispo...i will send you some sometime jen!

    hope you enjoyed your weekend!

  2. I appreciate the way you are taking pause. I am completely uninterested in the consumerism that the blog world perpetuates while much of the world is experiencing such profound loss. Of course blogs can be a nice escape, but again, your approach is refreshing. Thank you.

  3. thank you for this post. i feel exactly the same as what anne (above) has expressed.
    my heart aches as well and i've been finding it difficult to concentrate on anything b/c of what has happened. it's hard trying to hold back tears everytime i see images/videos of japan.


  4. Is very sad to watch all the images. Events like that open our eyes to see how fragile life can be, we have to enjoy life, be with our families and give love to people. I pray for them everyday.

  5. Very sad indeed. Hope things start to get better for those in pain.

    Camila F.

  6. I feel similar. It ways on me, when I see the pictures it makes my stomach hurt. We can only be hopefully that they are ok. xo

  7. sigh, well said, praying for Japan, esp the mothers and babies, "normal" can be gone SO fast, enjoying the moments we have.

  8. thank you for your comment at my blog! Your blog is heaven! Reagards from the Netherlands!

  9. i am with you. it always feels strange when all you can do is send money. it is very sad. hard to imagine. your thoughts are so beautifully put.

  10. so true.
    it helps us keep perspective for sure.

  11. So well said! I can't even imagine the strength it would require to deal with something so terrible.


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