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dining room
Got both Strings up in the dining area, we like them a lot!

living room
It's been a week since we took our road trip to IKEA, that went by fast. I don't mind the drive, but that may be because Jeremiah lets me sleep for the first couple hrs until I wake up dazed and confused about 3 hrs out. He's a good husband, letting me sleep like that. I returned the favor on the way back of course. We bummed my grandpa's SUV for the trip, which has no working radio or CD player, lucky us. I don't know how we passed the time because we didn't do much talking. You know how when you're first dating, or married, there's always so much to talk about? I guess we're old farts now because we both enjoy the silence.

Anyways, we wanted to get some storage system for the office and decided on a trio of these VIKA ALEX drawer units. They're made to support a table top but I like them freestanding and they store a lot of paper, neatly.

We also bought a pair of ASPVIKs for the living room. I moved the vintage buffet to the bedroom where he is sitting, waiting to either be stripped of the paint on the drawers and stained or totally painted another color. Not sure yet...

I also fell in love with the new STOCKHOLM lamp, I think we can all see the resemblance to this, right? I first saw it here but didn't think it would be available yet. There were only two in store. It's really high quality, sturdy and beautiful. I doubt I'll ever own the $800+ real thing so I'm quite content with this. We also bought some shelves for Israel's bedroom, he's becoming a light weight toy collector so I've got to make more room.
We didn't do too much damage, it wasn't a let's-stock-up-for-the-rest-of-the-year trip.

Oh, and a non IKEA item I recently purchased, this cute little German made play stove top. I need to find a better ledge for it but it seems to be the right height on the living room table. He is already pretending to feed me soup from his ladle and turns the knobs. He's by far the best thing I have!

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