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time vacuum


Do you ever get sucked into a site, you know, how hours pass without you realizing? Ok, maybe hour(s) is a bit of a stretch but yesterday I spent way too much time here, thumbing through page after page of beautiful images. Check it out and see you if get pulled into its vortex and don't blame me if you do!


  1. Constantly spending way too much time going gaaaa over sites. I always tell myself that I am not going to add anything new to my reader, but then someone (cough) recommends something or I click on a link from someone's comment and....

  2. Aaaaargh, this site is totally insane... didn't you turn green (like me) when browsing through it? New addiction...

  3. sucked me in. yes it did.

  4. The same happen to me when I found that site time ago, they have such amazing pictures.

  5. ummm yes...this happens to me all the time, sadly ;-)

  6. This is happening to me in your blog, everything is so beautiful, I am looking your blog a little bit for days...

    Cheers from Brazil!


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