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thrifting part II


These were not thrifted, the title was a bit misleading. I just had to share Israel's new shoes. He's in between sizes so I have to order his shoes since it seems none of the local stores carries the size. Pretty cute huh? It feels kind of ridiculous since he'll grow out of them in a couple months but now that he's running everywhere, the boy needs some decent kicks!
Also, do you remember these Fisher price toys from when you were young? They are still making them, this pull-a-tune xylophone is the cutest. It plays a melody when you pull it, as the name implies, and Israel thinks he's so cool making music around the house.
Gem shaped crayons his Tia Linsey (my sister) bought him, I'm sort of sad to see them get broken but I guess that's what happens with boys. I can't remember the Etsy shop where she bought them but I'll update if I do.

We fed the ducks today. They surrounded us in angry droves and consumed a loaf of bread in about a minute. We left soon after.

Now about the thrifting we did yesterday. I found this pair of ceramic Japanese candle holders for $2/each. A teak bird for $3-his beak pinches closed and I'm trying to figure out what the original intention was for that. A $2 teak tray that I used to collect some pottery and our antenna, although I was liking how it disappeared into the white background and now putting it in the tray might defeat that. I might have to rearrange it. Still, I love trays and the wood is really lovely. And a drafting lamp, for $2.

Thanks also to Anna and Rachelle for the Polaroid film suggestion!


  1. where do you find such awesome stuff for so cheap!!?

  2. I'm almost certain that the bird's beak is a memo holder. You found some really great items!

  3. Love the bird! I'm so jealous!

  4. Ok, the picture with the ducks and geese reminds of "The Birds" - large gatherings of birds kind of freak me out. Love your finds, especially the tray.

    The white shelving unit that you have reminds me of something my parents had (have?!). The metal was black and I think the shelves were teak. Must ask my mom.

  5. Hello ! I've been following your blog for several weeks now and I really like all the items you found... Actually I love all your post ! Have a good day !

  6. Cool finds, Miss Merry! I love the shoes: can't wait until we can walk and buy sneakers over here, too.

  7. Wow you always find great stuff and so cheap!!, love the sneakers, very cute.

  8. Those shoes are too cute!

  9. so.... tell me about the legs on your desk in the last photo?

  10. Wow! Good finds indeed. Love that tray and the bird is darling...

    Your kid is lucky to have those crayons! I think I'd be tempted to draw in crayon (even at my adult age!) if I had those. So cute.

  11. oh wow, we don't have crayons with this shape in switzerland ;-( would be nice to get the name of the etsy shop!

  12. So many amazing mod finds for damn good prices! Love 'em all.

  13. wow! some fabulous finds! i like the candle holders and the birdy


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