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work & napping


Israel finally started walking this week, it's been so exciting. Also, he's barely been
napping. Maybe this new discovery has him restless, not sure. We typically use his nap
time to get things done that we could not otherwise do when the little guy's awake. Maybe
next week he'll get back to his 2 1/2 naps and we can be more productive again!
Also, be sure to check out these office desks, I also feel like be need a better one so I'm continually on the lookout.


  1. aww! bummer! i hope he gets back to napping stat!

  2. hey you did the blurry thing! how did you do it?
    good night! :)

  3. Snap! Bertie is really off now with the walking in he's now choosing walking over crawling. And he's the same...barely napping in the day (he had half an hour in the morning yesterday). He just seems to keep going and going! I'm finding it really much as I love hanging out with him...I need that sacred little break in the day to get things done!

  4. Don't babies get how lovely napping is?
    I would love endless opportunities to nap and nap and nap. Maybe :)
    Maybe I just don't get how cool walking is when you've been relatively idle?

  5. He's walking! Oh, where has the time gone?

  6. Ha, funny. I'm catching up on my blog reading while my little guy naps and my little girl is at pre-school. Gotta get creative with our time, right?:) Congrats to the now walking Israel!

  7. I know how you feel It was a mission when Emma stopped her mid-day naps but we made it work. They grow so fast and it only gets a lot more fun!

  8. how exciting! congrats!


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