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Ok, we didn't actually make New Year's resolutions but we did set some goals. For me, buy more shoes! That wasn't truthful either, though I could manage to stick to that goal for the year. I want to be more thoughtful about purchases like clothes and other items that find their way into our home on a regular basis and too many times these items that felt like a necessity when we bought them, have much shorter life spans than we intended. I admit I do this with clothes far too often, find something I like in the moment and just a couple months later I'm on to the next thing.
The cup, that I bought last month, will be around for a while. I love the cork base which obviously keeps from heat transferring to your digits but also has the best texture. Oh, and I like the lack of a handle, I never use those anyways.


  1. excellent goals...i find i buy cheap, clearance clothes far too often...and then the cheapy quality shows through after a couple of washes. yikes. best of luck with your goals.

  2. Why is it that your new cup won't be around? It sounds like it is wonderful?

  3. I have the same question as Anonymous ... do you not like the cup?

    But I agree though. I have so many purchases in my house that I thought were absolutely needed, but after a few uses they are being shipped to goodwill. I am getting into the habit of questioning every purchase now. I ask myself if its a necessity or just for fun. That has helped me out numerous times now.

    Good luck with these resolutions girl!


  4. @Anonymous-Oops, that was quite the typo! I meant that the cup will be around for a while.

  5. I seem to have the same issue with clothing! I need to be better about only buying what I need. Too many clothes end up in the donation pile too frequently!

  6. I was wondering what kind of camera and settings do you use when you take these great vivid close up photos? I would love to know! your photos are ALWAYS so crisp and clean looking.



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