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I'm done, hopefully


Looks like we finished most of what we've been working on. I hope I didn't build this thing up too much, it's not like I'm having someone completely rewrite the layout, just a few tweaks to hopefully better suit my content.

It's always hard to do things like this, not just because we're not pros here and our schedules don't allow to using up lots of time to play around but also because I realize a lot of this is for all of you guys, my awesome viewers! I don't say it enough but I really do appreciate each one of you who faithfully tune in and allow be to continue to do something I enjoy.

I have some really minor things to finish up, spacing and what not but I think I'm going to breathe a sigh of relief knowing I can move on to other things like, oh, organize my kitchen cupboards! I realize also that I completely missed posting my handmade/vintage favorites but I'll have a new set this week, I promise!

Also, how many of you out there Pinterest? I considered adding a tab for that but maybe it's not worth it. In case you do, here are my boards. It's quite addicting and a lazy way of bookmarking and cataloging images.

Yesterday we walked over to my favorite bakery and decided on a mini Tiramisu, pictured above behind the text and this chocolate filled thing. Really, really good, do I even need to say that?

Jeremiah grabbed a cinnamon roll muffin and I'm guessing he enjoyed it equally as much because I don't remember seeing him take it from the bag and inhale it.

I love his toggle jacket, I'm jealous of guys' clothes sometimes.

Oh, and the mushrooms! Our good friends are organic farmers who also happen to grow these. Wish I could tell you all of their names but I just can't. All I know is that the black ones are best, just a little butter and garlic. Mmm.

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