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as promised, thrifted


I mentioned earlier that I went thrifting with my sister and would share what I found
this week. She found a pair of tops for work and I found this Braun aromaster coffee maker
for $4! It's in great condition and works perfectly. The base doubles as a warmer so it
keeps the coffee warm for a long time. We had a porcelain carafe which is supposed to
insulate and keep the fluid hot for long but the warmer on this glass carafe actually keeps
the heat much better.
I also found this tiny Viking creature, small pottery and blouse for $6. It's hard to tell
in the photo but the top half of the blouse is a solid black silk and the bottom is a
sheer, swiss dot type of fabric.
I think I can pat myself on the back for not breaking the $10 rule. I had a little bit of
anxiety about going on a spending freeze for a whole month but it's been easier than I
first thought. We've spent a little more time keeping up with grocery shopping and
reading more books.

Did you see my new blanket? My grandparents, who are from Guatemala, gave this to me
for Christmas. It's big, and wool and warm and I love the pattern so much!

I also wanted to mention the fabric print in the background, behind the chair, is from here!
Amy was kind enough to send one to me a while ago and I keep forgetting to mention it.
The thin fabric lets you frame or stretch the print around a canvas. Very cool.

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