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Friday + spending freeze



We've got lots to do today, mostly boring errands though. We're beginning a spending
freeze for the month of January, so watch out for some different posts as we find
creative ways of not spending money! The rules are simple, we can buy:
food (and necessary toiletries, cleaners)
and that's it really. I'll be honest, a month of this sounds like a challenge,
especially if I find myself in a thrift store. I guess the key is to avoid unnecessary
stores altogether.

For now, I'm leaving you with this, a beautiful home found via Bolig.



Three of my favorite colors, black, white and beige. My husband would argue these aren't
really colors. The cosmic print dress is pretty cool.

Find more of the collection here.

waiting for Grandma


This was Israel this morning, waiting for his Grandma to come in the house from her car.
Can you see that the door is slightly open? He's figured out how to open doors, a scary
new discovery. I love seeing how excited he gets whenever we have visitors and he shows
his happiness in a different way for different people. Whenever he sees my sister he puts
his hands next to his face and clenches his gums...well it's too hard to explain but it's
insanely cute.

Vincent Van Duysen

I've been thinking about these wood topped ceramic bowls by Vincent Van Duysen ever since
seeing them in this Swiss home from Elle Decoration Uk. First, let me say this entire
apartment is just gorgeous, the Louis Poulsen PH5 lamps, fur covered bench in the
dining room, and the large oak dining table. That aside, the bowls are the perfect little
organic kitchen accessory and I want them. You'll have to excuse the photo, I scanned it
in and the result is sort of grainy. It looks like they come in quite a variety or sizes
and shapes, not to mention colors, but I think I'd prefer these three, if anyone cares.

Bowls found here.

String is up


dining room
I didn't plan on putting the new Pocket String up until next month but I couldn't wait.
I put it in the corner of the living room to hold my pottery since it had been put away
to make room for Christmas. Originally I planned to buy another Pocket and hang the
two pieces next to each other in the dining room to hold cookbooks, place mats and
napkins. We received a canvas print of a photo I took a few weeks ago and I sort of like
it in the dining room now. I'm trying to decide if I should leave things as is or
continue with my plan of the two Pocket shelves in the dining room and find another spot
for our canvas photo.

The last of the gingerbread is getting cooked up today and out of the house!



donna wilson
Ok, this is not a picture of what I got for Christmas, though I surely wouldn't complain
if it were, a fun way to shop thanks to Supermarket Sarah.
I've had some trouble with my camera's memory but hopefully can get a few photos of our


It's practically here and I've got a thousand and one things to do. Hope everyone enjoys
the holiday, we look forward to this all year. Israel will be able to open presents this
year and have his first Christmas tamale. I'll make sure to take some pictures,
hopefully I remember to.

Elisabeth Aarhus Hudson


Elisabeth Aarhus Hudson
Lots of beauty to behold by Norweigan photographer Elisabeth Aarhus Hudson. Find much
more of her work right here.

baby clothes sale


baby clothes sale

It's so hard to part with these adorable little outfits that used to fit Israel, do you
remember him being so small. I don't. I can't believe he ever fit into these, or even
more, were too big for him! The plaid one on the bottom is my favorite, it has the cutest
snap button back.
I'd love to see these go to some sweet baby boys out there so here you go. If you're
interested, email me, I'm happy to ship these as well.
Please give them a good home, they're all clean and nearly new.

cold lunch


This cold, wet weather just makes me want to crawl back into bed. I fought that feeling
though and had lunch out with my guys where we had meatballs, parsley pasta salad, red
bananas and some really toasted baguette. That little piece of bread lasted Israel nearly
4 blocks and remnants stuck to his jacket. It's a losing battle to try to keep him clean.

Soojin Kang


soojin kang
I love the colors in this series of dressed furniture. From far away, the browns looks
like some sort of stained walnut but are actually covered in fabric, looks like suede.
Such a beautiful way to repurpose vintage furniture.


romping room


Can these guys slow down for a picture maybe?! That little blur is my son, the bigger
blur, his daddy. Israel just loves our bed, but isn't that the case with all kids? I
remember thinking my parents' bed was much more comfortable than mine.



Israel's Christmas gift
The last of Israel's Christmas gifts arrived today and I had to share because this is
just so cute. The button can be sewn onto the board anywhere the holes match up and the
wood is finished with non-toxic, water based stain. Israel is extremely curious about
how things work, about how pieces fit together. He loves to take off and put on lids,
turn knobs and take things apart.
Hopefully this will capture his attention and he'll show me that self-congratulating
smile he gives when he knows he's solved a puzzle!

Momoko Suzuki

Mamoko Suzuki

I am so inspired. The closet visit of Momoko Suzuki bu Jeana Sohn, find it here.

more purple


Alright. I think I'm really beginning to warm up to this color, folks. I talked about
the color not too long ago right here and I'm back to the issue again. I guess when you see it used
so well, how could you not like the color? In this case, it's got more red, almost pink
and looks so good in this bedroom. I still doubt that I could implement it in my own home
as long as I have wall to wall nasty, (also known as carpet) but it's something to file
away for when we move someday.
Note the amazing kilim rug and pillows.

vintage baby


little dipper
I recently found the most adorable vintage shop for baby and I want every piece, yes even
the girls' clothes, each is so sweet and perfect. The double breasted blazers are too
much for me, I mean just too cute. Israel already has a small collection of jackets in
his wardrobe but no blazers and that's just not right.


Yesterday was filled with car rides and lots of fog and cool greys. Most of the morning
felt like we were driving through a cloud and Israel was miserable to not have anything
to look at from the back seat of the car. I have to keep bags with a variety of little
organic snacks handy for rides such as these. (snack bags found here)
I love my boys, their clothes are the best, especially little leather shoes.



A few weeks ago we did some cleaning and sold some stuff we had grown tired of. In
their place we ordered one of these String Pockets.I can't tell you how excited I was
to open this little guy, like an early Christmas! For those of you living in
Scandinavian countries, this is nothing new, but for a long time I didn't think it
was possible to buy String in the US. Fortunately, I was wrong.
I can't wait to put this bad boy up but we're going to wait until after Christmas and
I'll make sure to share photos later.



I am growing quite a fondness for this shop, I may have every current piece memorized
by now. I love how everything is so carefully curated and compose a beautiful array
of taupes, vanillas and greys.

blue blanket and books


I found this bright blue piece of wool fabric thrifing for only $7. I think it's the
color I've been looking for that our bedroom so badly needed.

In other blue news, some vintage books whose covers were designed by Paul Rand, an
artist my husband and I have come to love. I want to find a spot for them in our room,
the blues are so similar and the brown stripe on the cover of The Modern Temper matches
the rug we're going to add later.
I'll keep you updated the the progress, the very slow progress but progress nonetheless!

astrology calendar

astrology calendar
astrology calendar
Excuse me for another paper-related post but I have to share these calendars with you.
This couldn't be more timely with the new year coming up in just a few weeks, I was
on the look out for a 2011 calendar and this would be the perfect fit for our office.
Find this set of four by Prismatic Print Shop right here.

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