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ready for Christmas


It's become tradition for us to bring out the Christmas decorations the day after
Thanksgiving. We hang lights and garland while music plays in the background and we
drink our weight in eggnog and even pack up some of our normal things to make room
for the holiday stuff. Then, about a week into December we go pick out
and tree and lug it home.
This year though, we decided to save money on a large tree and bought this small
Norfolk living tree, which should last us much longer than a normal pine anyway.
It's only big enough to hold a few ornaments but we made sure to hang two of
Israel's, one from last year and little a wool mouse that we found this morning.
These spice cookies got us in a festive mood, they were amazingly light and airy,
like a French macaroon but with spice cake and chocolate bottoms.
The house feels so warm and happy now, I think I'm almost done. In a couple more
weeks, I'll start some baking, and that's where it gets dangerous!

a Dutch home


Well, I think it's Finnish!?
Thanks to Kati, I now know it's Dutch!
In my opinion, the best part of this place is the kitchen. Bright white floors,
which seem so appropriate for a kitchen where you want to at least feel like it's
clean. The raw wood beams and counter tops go well with the very black wall and
white floor, could there be a better color trio?
There looks to be a large sky light in the kitchen area and what I wouldn't give
for a giant one in our kitchen where we have no windows or white floors. I think
it should be illegal to build a home with no natural light source in the kitchen.
If I could have it my way, I wouldn't even need to flip a light switch until late
into the evening, though that may involve moving somewhere with longer days and mild


West Africa


This is not at all Thanksgiving related but I thought I would squeeze this in before
all the festivities tomorrow.
Isn't this place a beauty? I love that it's in Africa, not a place we see too often
in these circles. The mixture of woods is so interesting to me but not overdone paired
with good old white walls. Notice the slatted wall on the exterior still gives the
feeling of privacy but lets light in. Even though I appreciate a crisp white sofa,
this cobalt blue one looks pretty handsome next to all that wood too.

sourced here and here

black, white, purple


I am not a fan of purple. Rarely I've seen it used in an appealing, grown up manner,
but I have more negative associations with the color than positive. This could fall
under the first category, a deep, romantic, bluish purple used with lots of black
contrasting clean white walls and raw wood. That golden yellow chair is doing its part
to help as well. It's hard to tell from the first image but the bedspread is purple,
or a shade of. Not bad right? Of course you're entitled to your own opinion about the color,
just don't tell me you'd rather decorate with lavender, that I could not
tolerate...but then again I may be persuaded.


Etsy gift guide

Etsy gift guide
Go here to see my little compilation of handmade and vintage gift ideas, I hope you
like them. I tried to cover everyone, within reason, because I know how hard some
people can be to shop for. Really, people, Etsy is one of the best places to buy gifts!

Also, this is the last of these sort of compiled images I will be posting in a long
while, trust me. Sorry.

Oh, and I used that same photo from my hair post a while back. I know it's not great
but something is better than nothing!


A handful of inspiring properties featured here.

a small feast


Husband started his holiday hours which means sleeping late into the afternoon, almost
up in time to make dinner his breakfast. Not wanting to go out, I made a small grazing
dinner for the men. We had soup, bread, Gruyere and smoked Gouda with fruits and
Italian pizzelles. I made some caramel to put between the cookies and it turned out
really good. My husband had never tried pomegranates before and liked the arils more
than I expected. For those of you who have never had Gruyere, go right now and get
some. It's our current favorite!

Both of the guys are sound asleep now and I'm wide awake, as is the usual scenario.
Don't feel bad though, I'm enjoying the quiet.




I don't know if I'll ever be able to own his beautiful Bilberry light or Paimio
, but I now have a votive holder. Small but frosted and beautiful. Oh, did I
mention it was free? All Modern sent this little guy to me and can you believe he's
the only votive holder I own? Not sure where to keep him yet but it will have to stay
away from the coffee table or Israel, another little guy, may carry him off
and hide him in the kitchen cupboards. It could happen.

Fall street style


street style
Just need a long, suede jacket and some gray marled tights. Oh, and a street like this.




I've been away the last couple days, excuse my absence. I haven't had much time to
be inspired by much more than the hum drum of every day life. I have been so tired
when I finally get to bed at night that I don't even give a second thought to the
laundry basket at the foot of my bed.
Israel is picking up some more words though, it's adorable! He is a little rambling man
and I love his voice and made up words. He says "Duck" and "Uh-oh" on command but also
signs to eat and a few other little things. I look forward to hearing more about what
goes on in that mind of his, so keep the words coming baby!
Here's a glimpse of what I saw on Pinterest this afternoon. I know want a kitten and bear-toting rat.
Truth be told, I doubt I'll get either, although if there's a possibility of getting
one over the other-I think you know which it would be.




Israel and I try to take walks most days of the week. Today we had too much laundry
but yesterday we made our took our usual route. This is more or less what we see on
our walks. There is a small pond about a block away and a large, white swan lives
there with a few ducks. Sometimes he leaves the pond to walk around the streets, I've
seen him do it. That must have been where he was on this particular day.
I had to bundle the babe up because our highs have only barely reached 40 and our
walks must be before naps. Israel loves his mittens and scarf I made for him. He
loves riding around in his carrier, though I feel he may be too big for it now.
We had a nice talk and pointed to all of the birds and dogs we saw on our way.
Afterwards, we shared lunch and then off to bed.
I should be thankful to be so near nature but I do wish our walks could be through
a big, beautiful city with lots of people and stores.


Muji ornaments
Does anyone else get annoyed with retail stores stocking Christmas stuff so early?
Normally that bugs the heck out of me. I guess it still does, let us have Thanksgiving
first, please. Even though I think it's ridiculous how early stores start pushing the
Holiday frenzy on us, I have to say that I'm ready for it this year. I've sort of
embraced the way, way too early mentality and sort of want to find an excuse to put up
Christmas lights. I won't do it now, don't worry. The moment Thanksgiving is over,
though, don't be surprised if I've got holiday boxes full of crap unloaded all over my
dining table.
See, I already bought some ornaments. These ones from Muji were irresistible. I think
I just want to keep it simple and very traditional, nothing crazy. Has anyone else out there given this any thought?

DIY wooden bead trivets


wood bead trivets DIY
wood bead trivets DIY
wood bead trivets DIY
A super simple DIY.
You'll need approximately 1" wood beads, leather cord, olive oil (optional), and
I think you can just about figure this out with no explanation but here's what I did.
String beads onto cord and loop the ends to make a simple, crossover knot. Pull as
tight as possible and double knot.
I left a loop at the top to give the option of hanging. Use individually or together.
The olive oil is to finish the beads, if you'd like. I rubbed the middle ring of
beads with olive oil to give them a slightly richer color.



Cute kids chairs and blocks, both out of reach but equally cool. Maybe I can justify
the blocks if it's the only toy he gets for Christmas, and for the next year!

Mikael Beckman


I've had to remind myself all day that it isn't Thursday. It's not even Wednesday
yet, it's still Tuesday night and for some reason the week is just crawling by.
This apartment is fresh and bright and so beautifully understated.

To add something odd and not at all interior related, I've been testing out my new
Lumix and am clueless! Does anyone have any pointers for me? I tried searching how
to's and was disappointed to only find reviews, at least they were positive!
Israel ate a small owl and cat today, leaving just pieces of the head on my lap.

26 and a new perspective


I turned 26 today and finally got a new camera! I feel like I've been waiting for
a better camera for years, because I have. I still have so much to learn about it
so if photos look sort of funky, I never said I was a photographer by any stretch!
Jeremiah had gifts waiting for me when I woke up this morning, along with a handmade
card using some of my washi tape. My sister came by with some balloons, a card, and
a chocolate donut. She knows my weakness, that girl.

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