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Copenhagen penthouse


I'd love to live here. Somehow I don't think I'd mind too much if Israel's toys
were scattered across these shiny floors. Yes, I love Norm Architects.

1 year

This morning I was wide awake at 5:30 am. This was not intentional, believe me.
Maybe somewhere in my mind I was too restless to sleep, thinking about this exact
moment in time, exactly 365 days ago. I predicted the very feelings I have right
now, part sadness and longing to go back and experience all of the excitement and
newness of that day. I'd love to go back and savor every moment, to pay careful
attention to details, to smells and sounds. I'd like to go back and take mental, or
actual, snapshots of moments that happened so quickly it's hard now to remember
At the very same time, I feel joy. Joy because I have this sweet, healthy little
boy all to myself today. He's going to wake up babbling and laugh the moment I open
the door to get him. I'm happy because right now I can savor moments and remember the
tiniest, minute details of being 1 year old and I can take mental, and actual,
snapshots of fleeting moments. I'm happy because this innocent child is completely
unaware of the gift he is and that by making me his mom, he's has made me immensely
I could go on and on about our love for you but I would run out of words.
Happy Birthday Israel!

hack job


Bench made form Ikea lack tables, I think it's a great reuse and so creative.

Hilda Grahnat

These are instantly on my wishlist, but which one? Find these along with some photo
prints from Hilda Grahnat.

I'm thinking of posting more without titles, what do you think?
Here, a kitchen and dining area from Ikea, there's something so inviting about a dining
table that is already set with placemats. I also love the dark butcher block counter
tops, I have a feeling I would want something like if we could redo our kitchen.



I feel like I spent most of yesterday organizing and picking up. Of course this is an
every day thing with a baby who wants to explore everything within his reach. For
as old as it gets, I never tire of the feeling of a clean and tidy house. I tackled
the office, and now am off to the kitchen cupboards which need some love, wish me luck!

around the world


A really beautifully curated collection of clothes, and now I need neon socks.


Some new books arrived recently, one for me and one for baby. Israel just
loves to help open packages, a skill he will hopefully use this weekend for
his birthday.



Just so perfectly simple and beautiful, I adore the sliding doors so much!

something old and something used


When I have time to kill I like doing a little vintage shopping.
Here are a few of my most recent finds, the West German pot is mine
now though!

almost ready


Our little guy is about turn turn 1, actually it's exactly 8 days away!
My how the year has flown by. I had always heard parents say how fast time goes
once you have children and I now find myself saying the same. I'm looking forward
to his party, though I still feel like a have a lot to do, but I'm a little sad
about this milestone. Of course I'm proud that he's healthy and thriving and
has learned and grown so much but when I think about the first time I met him and
that unforgettable day, a part of me doesn't want time to move too quickly.
Oh, but what can I do other than be happy and enjoy every day as much as I can!
Here's Israel, eating a biscuit while reclining on a cushion. I like how he even
has his feet crossed. A man in the making.

metal, stone + leather


My birthday is coming up and I'd love a piece of jewelry. If you see my husband, make
sure to let him know!

Rue + sfgirlbybay


I love Victoria's home, featured in Rue magazine.

loads of color


Color can be such a beautiful thing and it certainly is in the case of this artful
home. I love every inch, especially the kids' room.



Here is what I mentioned last week, a little project that needs some assistance from
you guys. This is our bedroom, feeling a little exposed to say the least!

As you can see, it's pretty straightforward. We've got the bed & frame with wall
mounted lamps and shelves for our bedside tables. On the opposite wall, a dresser
with mirror, some pottery and the butterfly chair next to that.
I have a pretty strict color palette-a muted navy with whites and browns. Our bed
takes up the majority of the space, though there is room for another credenza/
dresser if we put our dresser in the corner nook (where the chair is). I also
wouldn't mind a bench or low seating at the end of our bed, there's room for that.

You can see that there's no art in the room, something I'd like to change. It also lacks a rug and interesting curtains-the curtains are just white, I'll have to take more photos and add them later, just after putting some wonderful curtains in the room. There are also no plants or bedside accessories, which I think I'm actually ok with because a cluttered table would stress me out!

Keep in mind that the bedding & frame, lighting, tables and chair are staying put!
I'm just needing a few extras to pull it together. Maybe some red or yellow?
Ok, here's your chance to share your thoughts. Go ahead, comment or email me
and if you have any great finds, say a cheap Kilim rug, feel free to link it up!


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