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My husband had a little holiday break last week. We would have loved
to go on a trip but we stayed home to do some organizing, thrifting and go to the
fair. On his last night of vacation I made this for dinner, roasted butternut
squash, white garlic bread topped with baby brie and tomatoes, chicken with star
pasta, basil and artichoke hearts. Sometimes staying home and
cooking your own meal is much more rewarding than going out.

Studio Junction


I love the warm teak wood in this courtyard house designed by Studio Junction. The
big wall of storage in the kids' room is so inventive!

houses and mushrooms


My new tote bag from Julia Pott, a cute little house shaped sticker on a mango,
a Mario Bros candy tin for Israel (the tin not the candy)
and some imported Chocorooms, yum!

Ferm Living


New Ferm Living available for pre order in September, I can't wait!

creatures of comfort


I'm in the mood for new clothes every day and I am really in the mood for something
like this! I love how effortlessly chic these look, not to mention comfortable ( minus
the platforms). I also love
the detailing on the leggings, a blousy t-shirt and a delicate necklace.
Cheers to a great outfit!

fine little everything


Elizabeth Dunker has been a favorite for a long while and I get so very excited to see
anything new from her. I just ordered this new mountain tea towel because, well, I have
a weakness for tea towels and this mountain print is just too pretty. I don't want to
sound greedy but I would also love her Tusch pilow too!

up, down, up, down...


Israel likes to play this little game of falling back into my lap and then pulling
himself back up again. It's sweet to see how he just trusts that I will be there to
catch him, it's so cute and I hope he always feels that way.



How beautiful is this place? Very beautiful. I love those Franco Albini stools
and the windows lined with bookshelves, not to mention all the books as well.
More here and here.



I made play dough for Israel today. He hasn't had a chance to play with it yet because he took a 3 1/2 hr nap then woke up hungry...
anyways, I remember my mom making this for us and now it's my turn. It doesn't feel like that long ago I forming little creatures
out of home made dough, my how time flies!
Here's the recipe, in case you're in need of a good one:
1 cp flour
1/2 cp salt
2 tlb cream of tartar
1 cp water
1 tlb vegetable oil
In saucepan combine dry ingredients, add water & oil until mixed. Heat mixture
over medium, stirring until dough begins to turn lumpy and thick. Divide into
as many portions as you want and drop 1 or 2 drops food coloring and knead together.
I didn't blend mine completely because I like the swirls of color!

Humlebaeck house

Humlebaek_houseHumlebaek house
Humlebaek_houseHumlebaek house
Humlebaek houseHumlebaek house
With a strict color palette and cold stony elements this otherwise harsh looking
house is softened up with warn exposed beams and imperfect wood surfaces like the
driftwood table and the careful doses of color in the accessories. Humbly handsome, and I like it!

dinner & dessert



I haven't posted anything food related in quite a while and I was thinking I
should get back to it so here's a little from the weekend. We had fish tacos
with quinoa (where's the green, right?) and chocolate cake I made from scratch.
The fish tacos was simply throwing together what was already in the fridge and
the cake I had to make after seeing the recipe on tv. This a a mayonnaise cake, which
I had never made before but it was actually really good, with a caramel frosting. Yum, yum.
Somewhere along the way, we stopped using place mats, another thing I need to go back to.



I bought the fabric from the clearance bin at the fabric, it's pretty
different than a lot of the fabric in the house but I was thinking of
making it into a rug for our bedroom but ended up stretching around a
large canvas and hung it next to the bed.
Poketo's line at Target is cute and I picked up a luggage tag for Israel's
bag. I may go back and grab a little makeup bag for me too.
I made these shelves a month ago. They didn't turn out like I had originally
intended but I like that I have a place to display a few things in our pseudo
We call this bread quesadilla in Guatemala. I know you are all familiar with
the cheese and tortilla version of the word but to us, this is the name of the
most delicious pound cake/coffee cake you'll ever have. It's made from a cheese
my mom's uncle makes and sends to us. My mom gave us some this afternoon and all
3 of us inhaled it likes pigs.
You can buy some of this deliciousness here-request quesadilla!
The cutest little mushroom from the ever talented Susanna Vento. Israel thought
it was very charming as he laughed when I first gave it to him. Pretty cute huh?

Have a great weekend!

catalog inspiration


I was flipping through the DWR catalog the other day and thought I'd share some of
the beautifully furnished rooms.

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