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just good


I loved the photos from this article, such great patterned
clothes but a beautiful interior too! Anyone one else just love the
wood paneling?!

our day


3rd anniversary3rd anniversary
3rd anniversary3rd anniversary
3rd anniversary3rd anniversary
3rd anniversary
3rd anniversary
3rd anniversary
3rd anniversary
I couldn't photograph everything we did but this is us at the
zoo and lunch. We started the day splitting a Gyro on the way
to the Zoo, one of husband's favorite places. See the Wallabys? They
had a great new exhibit where you can walk around with the little
guys. The other little creature was a baby prairie dog that they
just released. He came right up to us!
Then we went to the spa for couples' massages. We were almost too
relaxed to leave but from there we found a delicious little picnic,
which I had my sister set up for us. We ate all the Sushi we could
and loved every last bit of it! We finished up the night with a
walk to the theater for a movie.
We had loads of fun but the best part was coming home to our baby
boy, who was just as happy to see us!

3 years


[image credit]
It's been 3 years of marriage for us. I'm excited to celebrate!
We'll be gone all day but tomorrow I'll fill you in on what we
did. Until then, let me say how happy I've been to spend the last
3 years of my life with this man. He has been such a blessing in
so many ways, I could never tell. He's an incredibly involved
father who's never afraid of doing anything and everything for our
Here's to many, many more years together!


sponsored post
[affordable luxury handbags]

I haven't posted anything fashion related in a while so,
a few picks from here. I really like the smaller, crossbody bag, maybe just because
it is vastly larger than the diaper bag I lug around everywhere!

home tour


I think this home is beautiful, and I love that it's miles and miles away
from anywhere!



I am so in love with the patterns in this home. Unsurprisingly cool, the home
of Caitlin Mociun is inspiring and beautiful, just like her collections!

Father's Day


Yesterday was husband's first Father's Day. He is normally up at
an ungodly hour every morning to go to work, so he misses out
on normal morning routines like coffee, the paper and breakfast.
He happens to be a big fan of breakfast, and pancakes for that
He had a King-sized stack of cakes, with bacon, milk and
coffee waiting for him when he woke up.
Israel slept in till nearly 9:30, so that was his Father's Day gift, but
he also received a card, book and movie tickets-which are worth their
weight in gold around here!

Susanna Vento


black, wood, chartreusewhite, baby
black, white, wood, baby black, white, yellow, baby
black, white + blue
A few favorites from Susanna Vento's portfolio. Beautiful children's
spaces right? I intentionally made Israel's nursery colorful and childish but
these neutrals with bits of yellow are beautiful! I can see him being happy in
a place like this too!
More here

Annie Larson


Annie LarsonAnnie Larson
I'm loving all of this, especially her Flickr!

found here

Happy weekend!

DIY-painted porcelain

DIY-painted porcelain
I wanted to revamp my china a bit so I painted it, well more like
doodled on it. I used a porcelain paint pen, which I purchased at
Michael's and drew my design. Once finished, you just bake it at
300 for 35 mins and you're done!
What do you think?



I found these products from Umlaute Designbureau, a pixel storage unit and carpet
sample rugs. Like and like!







organic snack pouch


A few Etsy favorites, from left to right.

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