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3 years


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It's been 3 years of marriage for us. I'm excited to celebrate!
We'll be gone all day but tomorrow I'll fill you in on what we
did. Until then, let me say how happy I've been to spend the last
3 years of my life with this man. He has been such a blessing in
so many ways, I could never tell. He's an incredibly involved
father who's never afraid of doing anything and everything for our
Here's to many, many more years together!

home tour


I think this home is beautiful, and I love that it's miles and miles away
from anywhere!

Susanna Vento


black, wood, chartreusewhite, baby
black, white, wood, baby black, white, yellow, baby
black, white + blue
A few favorites from Susanna Vento's portfolio. Beautiful children's
spaces right? I intentionally made Israel's nursery colorful and childish but
these neutrals with bits of yellow are beautiful! I can see him being happy in
a place like this too!
More here

DIY-painted porcelain


DIY-painted porcelain
I wanted to revamp my china a bit so I painted it, well more like
doodled on it. I used a porcelain paint pen, which I purchased at
Michael's and drew my design. Once finished, you just bake it at
300 for 35 mins and you're done!
What do you think?



I found these products from Umlaute Designbureau, a pixel storage unit and carpet
sample rugs. Like and like!



how about Viktorhow about Viktor
how about Viktorhow about Viktor
how about Viktor
I love his work!



8 1/2 mos
8 1/2 mos
Yesterday we spent some quality time together since my husband worked.
That sounds like a funny thing to say because we're always together.
We just seemed to have especially more fun doing ordinary things than
other days. We built funny shapes with blocks, danced to some MJ and later
to Gloria(representing our Latin roots!), went for a long walk (one
of us slept the whole time though and I'm pretty sure you can figure out
which one) and had a really nice dinner. To most people that doesn't sound
like much fun but to us it's so much more. Every day we get to know each other
better and build a love stronger and deeper than the day before, I can't think
of anything else I'd rather do!

black, white, green


black, white, green, wood
Lotta Agaton
black, white, green, wood
This place seems especially fresh today. I don't use green
in my home but it sure looks nice here!

as promised


8 mos
8 mos
8 mos
I mentioned a few of the things I'd be talking about this week,
one of them being a little update on Israel. Well, here he is.
8 months old and never cuter. He is such a sweet baby, we love him
so much! He isn't crawling yet, thankfully, but he does pull his
knees up under his body and push off. He took a 3 week hiatus from
solids-why, I don't know-but to my happiness he's back and loving
bananas. Of course I'd like him to have much more varied meals but
I'll be happy with bananas for now if that's all I get. Israel is
a cuddler, he loves to be close and rest his head on my shoulder.
He sometimes shows his preference for me when my husband tries to
hold him, can we say "Mama's boy"? He sleeps like a pro now-only
took 8 mos to get there but it was worth it now to see how quickly
he can put himself to sleep, I'm so very proud! My mom comes by to
visit on her way home from work, and he gets so so excited to see
his abuelita! He has the biggest smile for her. He's very ticklish
on his right side and laughs hysterically when we tickle him there.
He really likes tossing his big soccer ball back and forth and even
kicking it-with my help of course. He loves to go for walks in his
stroller and leans over the handle bar to get a better look. He
also enjoys rummaging through his toy basket, as you can see, and
tossing toys about.
Oh how blessed I am to be his mom!

DIY-contact paper privacy cover


This is the window in our office. I love to have the blinds completely
open but our window faces the front of the house and the neighbors across
the street are very close and I don't always feel like having an audience.
I made this with some frosted contact paper I had lying around the house.
The whole thing to about 20 mins +/-.
I covered the bottom window in contact paper-being careful to avoid bubbles.
Measuring from the middle, I marked every half over and over until I had a grid
of squares. I used a metal ruler and xacto knife to slice the squares in half,
peeling off the top piece.
Believe it or not, it really does help block the view in!
What do you think?

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